Light It Up: Your Guide to Using Lighting in Your Corporate Events

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Today’s competition among businesses is at an all-time high. So, it only follows that you endeavor to stand out in all aspects associated with your brand. One thing you can do to boost your business brand’s value is to host corporate events in high-end locations. It does not matter if it is just a small, intimate event or one that will draw crowds. But the space for your events should exude the best image of your brand.

One of the elements that world-class corporate event venues in NYC focus on is their natural lighting. There are various ways their building orientation maximizes the natural lighting streaming in. More and more business events, however, are now being held in evenings, so natural lighting is not of much help.

In these cases, you can use the lighting of your space to introduce a creative rather than a purely functional element. Here are some lighting ideas for achieving different aspects of a business event space.


Lighting dictates the tone of your event and sets the mood of your guests. You should adjust the lighting to reflect the mood you want your guests to have and what you want them to relate your brand with. Yellows, oranges and reds, for instance, are perfect for high-energy events while sage greens and light purples suffice for serene and calm event spaces.


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The shift of your lighting colors or a simple dimming of the lights in your event is among the easiest alternatives you can go for to indicate a change in your program. You can also use the dimming of lights if you are showcasing your products to signal the movement of guests from one station to the next. This is a better option for high-end events instead of gestures or constant announcements over speakers.


The best lighting choice for the addition of depth to an event space is a gobo. This was originally a metal piece with holes in a particular pattern, placed in front of bulbs for the diffusion or creation of a geometric shape or desired pattern. Nowadays, there are glass gobos in detailed imagery and different colors with modern LED fixtures, which can be used to create an illusion of depth in different elements used in your space.


Pin lighting and uplights are the best choices when aiming for the addition of texture in your space. Uplights are ground-based systems that enhance the standard “pipe and drape” patterns. Pin spot lighting, on the other hand, is perfect for cocktail and banquet style layouts where they light tables from above. The rigging fees and technical costs associated with pin spotting were common issues in the past, but magnetic pin spots have solved these.

For most businesses, lighting their event space involves setting up a few lights in their brand’s colors. Event lighting, however, will affect almost all elements in your area. A little creativity will go a long way into transforming yours. The above tips will only work when incorporated into the right space, so getting the best space for your event should be your first order of business.

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