Looking For Brighter Teeth? Zoom Your Way To Great Results!

white teeth

If you have stained teeth, you may feel self-conscious about smiling for the camera or even smiling at friends and family. It’s not a great way to feel when you need to be yourself and being yourself should mean feeling at ease. Many people turn to teeth whitening products to help them gain the smile they want when brushing and mouthwash alone are not doing the job. Seeking the support of a dentist means that you can have precision and great results with the stronger products that are used. One branded treatment is Zoom which can be used for treatment in the dental practice as well as at home. Teeth whitening Harley Street can Zoom your smile to a brighter place!

white teeth

What is Zoom?

Zoom can be administered either at the dental practice or at home. When you visit your dentist, you have the option to have treatment at the practice. During this treatment, you will have a light shone at your teeth and a gel will be applied to them. This activates a bleaching process and, after just an hour, you should see that your teeth are a few shades lighter than earlier!

Another option is to have custom made trays to fit your mouth. You simply put a whitening gel inside the tray and then pop them over your teeth. You can wear them at night or for several hours during the daytime. After doing this daily for a couple of weeks, you will see the result of whiter and brighter teeth. Some patients also combine the home treatment with the hour-long session at the dental practice for maximum results.

Is it safe?

When using a whitening gel, it is certainly recommended that you get one prescribed by a dentist. The fact is that you could cause harm to your teeth and gums if you don’t use the products correctly and under the supervision of a dentist. A product such as Zoom is recommended because it is composed of whitening agents that are safe to use and the gel for the home kit will only go where it is meant to, thanks to the bespoke trays that you will wear.

How do I get Zoom?

The first thing you need to do is find a dentist who uses Zoom. The British Dental Association lists regulated dentists. You can also check out certain dental practices’ websites. Booking an initial consultation with them, to discuss your concerns about your smile, can be a good idea as this will allow your dentist to explain how the treatment might work for your specific needs. They might also recommend any other treatments that may be required. You will be able to ask any questions you may have about the proposed treatments and you can be sure that you are happy with the path your treatment plan is taking.

If you want to flash a brighter smile, why not get going now and Zoom ahead with getting the treatment you need to feel great about your smile?

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