Manage Your Electricity: 3 Things You Need to Know About Your Consumption

Bills supply parents with their monthly dose of stress. They top off the existing build-up caused by child-rearing, as though responsible parenthood isn’t enough to make you lose all your hair. You’ve made attempts in the past to cut back on the most excruciating bill of all–your electric bill–but nothing seems to work.

Whether it’s your small business or your home, there are three nuggets of wisdom you can rely on to cut back on your energy consumption.

Peak Time Energy

Similar to how travel prices increase during peak seasons, you might be paying more when you consume electricity during popular energy use times. Not a lot of people know that energy rates differ throughout the day based on demand. Since most people are at the office from nine to five, energy consumption at home usually peaks in the morning and the evening. With this increase in demand comes an increase in prices.

Putting this knowledge to use might mean adjusting your routine. If you usually do your laundry in the evening, try attending to it in the afternoon instead. The same goes for your dishwasher. Change its settings to run overnight to take advantage of the lower rates. Small changes like these can make a big difference to your future bills.

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Inefficient Lighting

The chances are big that you’ve never given your lighting options at home or work much thought. As long as they’re cheap and functional, they’re good to purchase. Next time you need to shop for your lighting needs, especially for your small business, do more investigating. Your light consumption is accountable for about 40 percent of your monthly electric bill. Imagine how much smaller your overall consumption will be if you can decrease your lighting costs alone.

You’ll be surprised at how many energy-conserving bulbs you’ll find in the market when you buy commercial lighting. Go for those that emit light in specific directions because they use over 70 percent less energy. They also last longer, allowing you to save more money in the long haul.

Consider making the switch at home, too. Opt for residential lighting that will enable you to enjoy good illumination without the fear of driving up your electric bill.

Insufficient Insulation

What do your doors and windows have to do with your electric bill? Probably everything. When these main entry and exit points aren’t properly closed, they make it difficult for your HVAC system to keep your house or office well-insulated. Remember all the repairs and upgrades you paid to improve your insulation, only to suffer from the same problems all over again? If you’ve resorted to all that, it’s time to consider the possibility of air leaks, which is causing you to overuse your HVAC system.

Do a routine inspection of your windows, attics, and doors because these are the most common problem areas in houses. Inspect the exterior frames to see if they need caulking. The better maintained these fixtures are, the better your insulation will be.

Pay Attention

Your electric bills can drain your finances quickly when you ignore your consumption. Sometimes, what you need aren’t big changes to manage your bills. All you need is to look closely at when you use your appliances, what products you purchase, and how you maintain your home and your office to cut back on costs once and for all.

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