Most Common Health Issues in Men We Need to Talk About

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One major issue that plagues not only America but also the entire world is the neglect of men’s health. It is a problem that is often neglected in the discussion of policies. The World Health Organization says that although men enjoy more privileges, they also have poor survival rates and have more health issues. On top of them, women are more likely to use health services.

Though they have a lot more opportunities, this is a serious problem that needs to be discussed. Lack of discussion can lead to misinformation and higher death rates in men. Here are just a few examples of health issues that men often suffer from that are generally ignored by policymakers.


Studies show that the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes is more common in men than in women. The prevalence in men is at 14.6 percent, while it is only 9.1 percent in women. Diabetes is more than just having high blood sugar. It can actually disrupt your daily life and create complications that affect your entire body. In some cases, this condition can also cause death.

Poor lifestyle is a common reason for the development of diabetes. Eating too much sugary and high-cholesterol food. Alcohol consumption, especially in excess, also reduces your body’s insulin resistance. Insulin is important in maintaining your glucose levels, and thus, less of it means higher chances of diabetes.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Infertility is not often talked about but is a serious issue. Contrary to what people believe, your health can perform your performance, affecting your life in numerous ways. For one, it can make having kids a lot harder and even impossible. Another is that it can affect your relationship and self-esteem.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one example of a neglected men’s health issue. It is often stigmatized and made fun of, but it is a serious condition. What’s worse is that it affects only men, and it can be so easily resolved. Factors that influence it include hormones, genes, mental health, physical health, and many more. A lot of people don’t know that it is also related to cardiovascular-related diseases, which is another health problem common in men.

If you sense that this may be an issue for you, consult with a medical expert as soon as you can. Treatment for it can vary. The most common is through medication, but for reasons unknown, it may not work for some men. Sometimes it’s a mental or physical issue rather than a hormonal one. That’s why some people do other treatments such as acupuncture and Gainswave treatment.

Mental Disorders

Misogyny affects not only women but also men. Because of past social stereotypes, a lot of men suffer from poor mental health. This is because either they are forced to repress their emotions or are not aware of mental health problems. The result is many dysfunctional men and a suicide rate that is several times higher than women.

As a community, we also need to focus on providing support for men affected by mental health. We mustn’t put too much pressure on them to be stoic. All this starts with adults telling little kids that boys don’t cry and telling them that men should be the sole providers. Stigma related to asking for mental health help just further exacerbates this problem.

Educating on the effects of mental health disorders and the symptoms can make a huge difference in a person’s life. Communities and local officials need to take an active role in ensuring professional healthcare is available for people of all walks of life. This way, everyone can effectively maintain their mental health.

With these ideas in mind, you should know where to pay more attention and ensure that you remain in tiptop condition.

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