No Fear: Dress Brave to Feel Brave

Recruiter and male candidate during a job interview

Some days are scarier than others. You may be coming in for a job interview or you may be traveling on your own for the first time. Maybe you’re about to pop the question and are afraid to get a no. Maybe you’re asking for a raise. There are a lot of situations where you need to put your brave face on and channel confidence, but how do you quiet the fears inside you? Start with the clothes you wear.

Hyping Yourself Up

Your clothes don’t just serve as a way to show everyone you want to be taken as a professional. Clothes play a big part in how you see yourself and therefore how you behave on days when you need to be extra brave. When you’re wearing ill-fitting clothes, you feel like you still need to grow into the ideal version of yourself and subconsciously, you’re already telling yourself you don’t deserve the raise you’re asking for. Then, this translates to your boss telling you what you have already assumed about yourself.

If you came to that appraisal meeting dressed for battle like you would put careful consideration to your outfit when you go to a haunted tour date in Charleston, SC, you’re hyping and telling yourself that you’re ready to send some ghosts back where they came from. Your employer will see you as an assertive person and you’re more likely to get that raise.

Caring for Your Image

When you’re gearing towards improving your living conditions, your goal is to show everyone that you deserve it. Your partner will likely say yes to your proposal if they see you as someone who cares about their future and who is serious about giving your beloved the best life possible. Your interviewer will be more likely to take your application seriously if you look professional but not boring. You may need to show up in a suit without needing to stifle your image in the process. In fact, they might appreciate seeing you wear a colorful shirt underneath your blazer to have an idea of whether you’ll be a good fit for their company. On the contrary, if you wear clothes that are too revealing, this might give the wrong impression.

Finding Like-minded Individuals

Shirts in hangers

Statement shirts are popular because they convey an important message. A shirt showing how environment-conscious you are will turn heads of people who also believe in the same message. Merchandise showcasing pop culture references will be understood by strangers who also like those franchises. If only for that shared interest, they become less of a stranger to you. Some statement shirts are more than just pop culture references, however. Some of them may say controversial statements, and you’re being very brave by wearing them and standing up for what you believe in. The simple act of wearing something you feel passionately about makes you feel fearless and bold.

Forget designer clothes and high heels. It’s not the price that makes you feel brave. It’s the kind of clothes you wear that makes a big difference in your attitude.

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