Products for Boosting Your Bathroom’s Safety for Seniors

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The bathroom has transformed from the basic functional room it was in the past to a luxurious room in modern homes. To this end, bathrooms now feature water jets, views of the outdoor, ornate finishes, high-end materials, textures, accent lighting, and freestanding bathtubs. These, unfortunately, do not do much for the safety of your bathroom for seniors. According to statistics, many seniors are treated countrywide every 11 seconds for a fall-related injury on wet bathroom floors.

Thankfully, you now have products that will boost your bathroom’s safety with minimal impact on its look. A portable bathtub is one of the best products for homeowners who want the safest bathroom for a senior loved one. This has a door that allows bathroom users to walk in then sit down. This way, the risk of tripping and falling over when getting in and out of a conventional tub is eliminated.

Portable walk-in tubs also make bath time for people with limited mobility hassle-free. Here are the other products that will make a significant difference in your bathroom’s safety:

Transfer Benches

The ability of seniors to remain balanced when bathing is significantly reduced. A shower or transfer bench allows your bathtub’s user to comfortably sit and rest while bathing. Some of these benches come with attached armrests, height adjustment alternatives, and suction cups to boost their user’s stability. Before settling on a transfer bench, check its weight limit to make sure it will support your intended user. You should also ensure that its height, depth, and width comfortably fit in your tub.

Non-Slip Mats

Attempts to get into and out of bathtub are riddled with slip risks owing to the soap and water on the floor. Non-slip mats should be positioned at the entrance of your bathroom, next to the bathtub and in front of the toilet to avert these slips. You can also opt for slip-resistant bathroom tiles or those with an anti-slip coating to minimize slip risk.

Raised Toilet Seats

Most seniors will have trouble lowering themselves onto traditional toilet seats. Installing a raised toilet seat for your bathroom is thus a prudent choice. This will raise your toilet seat by 3-4 inches and ease the sitting of a senior. In most cases, this seat comes with grab bars for additional balance assistance and to minimize the risk of falls.

Grab Bars

bathing chair

These are crucial for seniors with balance issues and a problem getting in and out of bathtubs. The towel bars that most seniors use to keep steady will not handle their weight and might buckle, causing fatal falls. You should have grab bars at the entrance and exit of your bathtub. These bars should have textured surfaces to enhance a tight grip. They should also be in a contrasting color from that of your tiles to boost their visibility.

Luxurious bathrooms do not have to mean unsafe ones with the above products. Regardless of the look of your bathroom, you will find these products in designs and colors to match it. This way, even seniors and people with mobility issues can enjoy the ambiance and luxury of your bathroom without risking their safety.

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