Pros and Cons of the Three Types of Garage Door Openers

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So you have a new garage door, and it looks great from the outside. How about from the inside—does it work as it should? Door openers make opening automatic garage doors easier. The physical opening of the door is possible with the action of one of the three types of drive mechanisms. When you press the remote control, it connects with the actual drive mechanism.

When you have to choose a drive mechanism, you must consider a number of factors such as cost, maintenance requirements, and noise level. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three different drive mechanisms for garage doors?

Belt Drive Mechanism

Belt drive garage door openers are available from most home improvement stores. Technicians of garage door installation in St. George can provide you with a unit and explain its pros and cons as well. A belt drive opens the door to the garage without the bothersome gritting noise. It is a durable option that lifts the door quickly. It is easy to install, and you won’t have to lubricate it regularly.

Strength and speed are the main advantages of belt drives over the other types of mechanism. Still, a belt drive is not the ideal choice for heavy wooden doors and double door systems. You must be aware of the risk for dysfunction brought about by high humidity and high temperatures. Make the most of the warranty covering the unit. After all, the initial cost of the unit is slightly higher than chain drive openers and screw drive openers. Compared to the other two types of openers, its lifespan is shorter, and it may have to be replaced sooner.

Screw Drive Mechanism

Screw drive garage door openerThe pushing and pulling mechanism of a screw drive garage door opener occurs along the threaded-steel rod and trolley configuration. The motor that moves the door has few components, which lowers the noise level. It requires less monitoring and maintenance, too.

The upward and downward movement of the door is very smooth, which makes the screw drive openers more costly than the other two. Nevertheless, if you are always in a hurry to open or close the door, this mechanism may not fulfill your speed requirements. The thread steel rod setup requires more time to move the door.

Chain Drive Mechanism

A chain drive is the best option for a two-car garage door. It can lift a heavy wooden door without a hitch, but it will do so with considerable noise. It is a very dependable door opener mechanism and considerably safe as well. It won’t fail when the temperature or humidity rises. Still, to ensure optimal function, the mechanism has to be adjusted about twice in its lifetime. You can purchase them anywhere, and they are the most affordable of the three.

How much are you willing to spend? Will you have time to check on the door opener mechanism periodically? These are some of the questions you must ask when planning to purchase a door opener for the garage. Think about the noise levels as well. Take your time considering the pros and cons of each type of mechanism.

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