Protect Your Kids with the Right Sports Equipment

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Sports are a great way to develop a child’s physical and mental health. But depending on the sport, a bit of rough play is unavoidable. Injuries can also happen despite the referee’s or the coach’s efforts. That is why you’ll want to get the best possible protective equipment for your child.

Depending on the sport that your child is participating in, the right pieces can ensure that they are always safe.

Protective Eyewear

The eyes can be very vulnerable while on the playing field. The use of proper eye protection can prevent a majority of injuries. Depending on the sport, this can range from simple tinted glasses to goggles. For example, skiers and snowboarders need to navigate through blinding snow. Their eyewear often has ultraviolet filters and use polycarbonate lenses for maximum protection. Sports goggles are also recommended for those who take part in sports where balls are flying around like baseball and tennis.

Safety Pads and Guards

The most common types of protective equipment are safety pads and guards. Children and teens will find them useful when they take part in contact sports. Protective pads are necessary pieces of equipment when it comes to rougher sports such as football. There are pads for all parts of the body, especially the more vulnerable ones, such as your neck, knees, shoulders, and head.

Depending on the material used in the padding, they can absorb a lot of potential force placed on the body. First, there is foam padding, which is common. It has decent shock absorbing ability and can protect your kids well. Gel padding can be expensive but is great at protecting the bonier parts of the body such as the elbows and the knees.

Upper body padding usually protects the chest and the arms. Lower body padding focuses on the knees and the lower legs. Through proper padding, you can turn a devastating injury into a bruise that requires the least treatment.

Mouthguards and Helmets

mouthgard and boxing glovesThe most vulnerable part of the body when it comes to sports is the head. Your child’s head needs even more protection than normal since it is still developing. That is why helmets and mouthguards are necessary. Depending on the sport they are participating in, there are different types of helmets available. For example, people who play football and hockey prefer hard helmets. Additionally, they are a favorite for racing sports to protect heads from high-speed crashes.

A soft helmet and a mouthguard for Muay Thai, boxing, and other combat sports is the usual form of protection available for young combatants. There is also padding, but these are often skipped over. A mouthguard is also useful for protecting against potential tongue and teeth injuries. This is especially true when the sport exposes the jaw and mouth to danger.

The Right Footwear

The feet need adequate protection in a lot of sports. Depending on the sport, footwear can protect the feet in different ways. For example, running shoes cut injuries due to being on the road, while shoes with cleats ensure that your feet have a proper grip on the slippery grass. Traction is also a main concern when it comes to basketball and tennis shoes.

The right protective equipment can prevent injuries that could affect the life of your child. Sports injuries can cost your family a lot of time and money. Avoid these consequences and ensure that your child enjoys his sporting experience.

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