Reducing Visual Clutter to Create a Calm and Peaceful Home

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Do you wonder why most hotels, wellness centers, and other similar destinations are very inviting and relaxing? It’s because they have purposefully established a visually clutter-free environment to help one achieve the most optimum rest and relaxation that they can.

But you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to experience a calm and relaxing environment. You can do this in your own home, too.

Why a Clutter-Free Home is Beneficial for Any Family’s Health

Decluttering and cleaning up a home is not just aesthetically pleasing but also has certain health benefits for the inhabitants.

It saves you from spending too much time, energy, and resources cleaning up

One of the superpowers most homeowners would love to have is to clean up with just a simple thought or wave of a hand. Unfortunately, things don’t get cleaned up all by themselves in reality, do they? If you want a tidy home, you need to put in work for it. Or pay people to get the job done. It may not be as complex as replacing the roof or reworking a manhole lining or coating but it will still cost you time, energy, and resources to do.

Having less clutter visually significantly reduces the resources you need to spend cleaning up.

It significantly reduces stress

There are a lot of different reasons why people get stressed. While most of us have to deal with stress at work, it would be nice to retreat to a place where you can find solitude from all the external stressors. However, if your own home — your fortress of solitude — is in pretty bad shape and is filled with a visual mess all over, rest and relaxation will still be impossible to attain.

Coming home to a clean and orderly environment is an effective stress management tool that most people overlook and undervalue.

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It minimizes health and safety risks at home

It is a well-known fact that most accidents occur at home. And a large chunk of the statistics does not involve freak accidents. They typically involve trips, falls, and bumps caused by different household items.

The less clutter you have at home, the fewer the chances of tripping over the mess on the floor or getting hit by a falling object from a packed shelf.

Ways to Declutter Your Home Visually

Now that we’ve outlined the different health benefits of visual decluttering at home, here are a few practical steps anyone can take to improve their living conditions.

Tip #1: Do it one area at a time

Don’t take the task on all at once. Take it one area or room at a time. Focus on that room until you’re done and then move on to the next. Don’t overdo it otherwise you’ll only end up frustrated.

Tip #2: Clear counters, console tables, and other horizontal spaces

One of the things that’s very messy to look at are busy countertops, tables, and shelves. Clear away the unnecessary junk and store them in boxes when they’re not in use. You can, however, place a simple decor or two for aesthetic purposes.

Tip #3: Assign specific purposes for each space

It is important to assign a specific space its own specific purpose. Let your workstation be your workstation and not a dining place. Or put your keys on a key holder on the wall and not on the coffee table in the living room. Doing this helps maintain order around the house.

Tip #4: Use larger decors instead of knick-knacks

You don’t need to eliminate them but keep smaller decors at a minimum. Instead, use larger pieces that are easier to move and maintain.

Tip #5: Go with clear and clean lines

When it comes to interior design, go with clean lines and avoid having too much pattern around the house. This goes not just for tiles, textiles, and linens but also the decorative and functional pieces.

Tip #6: Organize and hide your wires and cords

This is a pretty easy problem to solve. There are lots of zip ties, clips, and tubing available in most hardware and home stores to help you organize your cords and keep them bundled up. You can also set up a couple of charging stations around the house so that all devices and gadgets are docked on one table and not scattered all over.

Tip #7: Baskets and trays are very handy for storage and display

Trays are ideal for organizing tabletop decor while decorative baskets can both be storage and display pieces. If you want a cleaner and more organized look, you can go with plastic bins that stack on top of each other.

No one can ever achieve a stress-free life. That’s just not possible. But having a stress-proof life is. Aside from being mindful and taking good care of yourself, you can also extend the experience to your loved ones by creating a clutter-free and relaxing home that they can look forward to at the end of their long day at work or school. Minimizing the visual clutter and keeping things at home neat and tidy already impact a person’s well-being positively.

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