Rustic Weddings: Four Ways to Make it More Memorable

Rustic garden wedding

Weddings are celebrations that signify the union and love of two people. Such a celebration ought to be memorable, which is why couples come up with ways that will make sure their wedding will stand out. Part of this effort is picking a beautiful yet practical theme. Themes are important, as they make sure that every detail and decoration follows one line of aesthetics. Sometimes, couples stray from this idea, believing that it will only prompt more expenses, which means they will have to double their budget.

In reality, themes also represent the things that mean a lot to the couple. If there’s a chance to have a theme, execute it by all means. If you are looking for a theme, you may consider something simple yet charming. In this regard, a rustic theme may be suitable. It is all about the beauty focusing on the aesthetics of the idyllic. If you are looking to make this theme happen, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

The Dress Code

More often than not, the dress code for rustic weddings is laidback yet elegant. You are not obliged to require your guests to wear something overly elegant, such as tuxedo and long gowns. As it is laidback, you can require your guests to wear smart casual. Guys can wear button-downs, chinos, and brogues. A linen blazer or shirt should be totally acceptable. Women can wear dresses that are lightweight and comfortable, especially if the venue is outdoors.

The Food

The food should not be too complicated. But it has to be tasty and delicious. Make sure that it is also in lime with the theme. For one, if you are going for Japanese rustic, it makes sense to serve Japanese dishes, such as sushi and katsus. But if your rustic is not too specific, you ought to go for something simple, such as canapes, pasta, and cakes. Do not forget to include fine wine.

The Venue

For many people, the venue will heavily dictate the charm and rustic feel of the event. This is why you should pick a venue that will help you materialize your vision. Many often go for garden weddings. Some even choose to hold their wedding in a barn. There are some people who even choose ocean-side venues. Regardless, there will be always beautiful rustic wedding venues in Mn.

The Decorations

Rustic wedding theme

The decorations of your venue should make the theme obvious. You can go for shabby chic furniture pieces. Distressed and repainted chairs and tables will make good décor choices. If your wedding will extend up to the evening, you can put up some string lights; fairy lights will also do. Executing a rustic wedding is easy, especially of you are already fixed with something beautiful yet simple.

There should be no problem when it comes to the execution of your plans, as there will be always good suppliers that will be of great help. Look around and ask your family and friends for recommendations.

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