Tired of Chores? Scheduled Home Services to the Rescue

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The benefits of professional home cleaning not only reduce worries and stress in your life but also give you more time for yourself or to spend with your family. You can avoid doing house chores yourself, especially when you don’t have time or the expertise to maintain a house as clean as you would like.

Hence, you can take a look at this list of services that you can hire for a spotless home and a healthier environment:

Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning

These services can be hired on a one-time basis or regularly. If you have a large family or pets, you might consider hiring these services weekly, but if not, a bi-weekly service would suffice. Some cleaning services will come in and do a deep clean of any room of your home, while others may do the basics such as vacuuming and dusting. Many home cleaning services will bring their supplies, but some may ask that you provide specific cleaning tools.


Unlike home cleaning services, laundry services do not come to your house to do the laundry. Instead, you have to bring your laundry to their laundromat. However, if this is a hassle for you, you can hire services to pick up and deliver your laundry from and to your home weekly once they’re done washing and folding it neatly. You’d need to leave your laundry bags outside for them to pick up, and they’ll do the rest.

Window Washing

Window washing can help remove glass stains from dirt, pollution, smoke, insects, and water, which regular window cleaners may not be able to do. In addition, window washers can often reach higher up and in harder-to-reach places to clean the windows thoroughly. Window washing should be done once or twice a year or as often as needed.

Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpeted floors or rugs in your home, it’s essential to have them deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months because vacuuming isn’t enough. This will remove all the built-up dirt, dust, and grime and prevent them from becoming stained. In addition, regular deep cleaning can help keep your carpets and rugs smelling clean and looking new for longer.

Landscaping and Gardening Services


Landscaping services can help you with everything from planting trees and shrubs to fixing sprinkler systems. If you’re unsure what plants would be best for your home or garden, they can help you with that too. In addition, they can also provide regular maintenance such as mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, and weeding the garden.

Garden Maintenance

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have enough time to take care of your garden the way you’d like. These professionals can come to your home each week and take care of all of your plants for you. They can water, fertilize them, and even weed plants for you. This way, you can relax and enjoy your garden without worrying about doing any outdoor work yourself.

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters get filled with leaves and debris, they can cause clogging and overflow. Gutter cleaning and repair services can help you deal with this problem by cleaning and repairing your gutter or installing gutter guards to help prevent clogging in the future. Hiring these services should be done once a year or every six months if you have a lot of trees near your home.

Pressure Washing

If you have a deck or pathway in your backyard that’s starting to look a little bit worse for wear, you may consider hiring a pressure washing service every 12 to 18 months. These professionals can come to your home and clean the deck or pathway using high-pressure water jets. It will remove all the dirt, dust, and grime, making these places less slippery and look newer.

Professional pressure washing a wooden deck

Home Repair Services

Many home repair services can help you fix a leaky faucet, repair a broken window or more severe problems such as electrical and plumbing issues. If you feel something is wrong with your house or appliances, it’s essential to hire a home repair service immediately. So they can come to fix it before it gets worse. What’s great about these services is that they have the experience and knowledge to safely and efficiently resolve all possible issues in your home.

Home Security Systems

Home security system services can help you feel safe and protected against intruders by installing, maintaining, and monitoring your security system. These devices include alarm systems, CCTVs, motion detectors, and more. In addition, many home security system services also offer a mobile app that allows you to view footage of your home from anywhere in the world.

Now that you know about the different home services, you must ask yourself what specific tasks you might need help with. Once you have a good idea of the services your home might need, it will be much easier to find suitable service companies who can do the job for you.

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