Should You Take The Plunge and Upsize Your House?

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You may be in love with your current abode and nostalgic about all the memories you’ve made in it, but there will come a time that you may need something a tad larger. Perhaps you fancy more space for yourself.

Maybe your children are approaching their teen years, or you are expecting another child, or need more space to accommodate an ageing parent or relative. Whatever the case, ample planning and preparation are very crucial.

You need to plan ahead. And keep in mind that if you are looking to build, it could take up to 24 months to finish your new home. Below are some solid reasons to upsize.

You are Looking for a Better Location

Perhaps you feel that that property for sale here in Truganina is the best place for you and your family right now. Just make sure that the area has easy access to your workplace, schools, local shops and transport hubs.

Your Home Feels Cramped Instead of Cosy

In the blink of an eye, your rambunctious toddlers are now full-fledged teens that are now demanding more space for privacy. Maybe it is time to throw out the bunk beds because they need a quieter area for studying and doing their stuff.

When you upsize, you can likewise include a second living or lounge space, a multipurpose room, and bigger bedrooms.

You Have the Budget for a New House

So, you’ve fixed the toilet leak multiple times, and now it’s acting up again. Maybe you no longer find your kitchen as precious and practical as it once was. When upsizing and building a new house, invest your money in high-quality materials, specifically in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic like in the kitchen.

Keep in mind that smart technology is likewise becoming increasingly popular these days. So you might want to consider it as well because it will enable you to control your appliances, security system, heating, lighting, etc. all with the use of your smartphone.

You Have a Bun in the Oven and an Aging Parent to Worry About

family moving into a new home

You have another child on the way, which equals more space. Or maybe you are worried about an ageing parent living alone and need more space so you can accommodate him or her.

Your House Just Feels Very Cluttered

Since you have been living in your current home for what feels like forever, you’ve most likely accumulated a ton of stuff that even a massive de-cluttering session can’t fix. That said, prioritise storage when upsizing. In the heart of your home, consider high cabinets and storage underneath your kitchen island.

If you have the budget and the space, take it a step further with a galley and pantry for additional storage. For bedrooms, opt for walk-in wardrobes. And do not forget to use the space under your stairs. You can turn this into storage for linens, books, odds and ends, or shoes.

Upsizing is a massive decision that you shouldn’t take lightly, so consider all your options and the needs of your entire family. Do your due diligence to help determine if this is the right move for you at this moment.

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