The Singaporean Food Scene Is the Best in the Region

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To say that Singaporeans love food will be an understatement. It is often said that, aside from retail therapy, the most beloved pastime of the population is to feast.

How much do Singaporeans love food? A previous survey revealed that one in four dines out every single day. And, on average, an entire household spends about SG$1,199 per month on food, or around 20 percent of their expenditure. They spend almost SG$400 on groceries. The rest of the budget goes toward dining out and getting takeaways.

In fact, Singaporeans have managed to outspend all of their neighbours in Southeast Asia when it comes to dining out. The city-state topped the list of the biggest spenders in the region, followed by Thailand. Across the bigger Asia Pacific, it was second only to Hong Kong.

The public does not have any qualms about getting in line for several hours to try out a new or popular restaurant. It does not matter if the restaurant sells burgers or sushi; Singaporeans will wait two hours in the queue for food.

But there are many reasons why Singaporeans are in love with feasting. There are just so many good foods to choose from. The difficult part is deciding where you want to eat for today.

Here are the reasons Singapore is heaven for every foodie.

Endless Choices for Every Budget

In Singapore, foodies can get the best of both worlds. Those who want to experience all the best that the world of culinary arts can offer will find the selections more than adequate regardless of the price. Some of the top restaurants in the region and the world are found on this tiny island in the Pacific.

Every month, it seems that a restaurant is minted with a Michelin star, or a rising chef makes waves globally. Internationally renowned chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Ryan Clift have also decided to open their own restaurants in Singapore. Of course, there are local talents, too, like Andre Chiang, whose Restaurant Andre has appeared on the list of best restaurants in the world.

Those who are on a budget will find the Singapore food scene warm and welcoming. The fine dining restaurants across the country are fantastic but do not miss the hawker stalls. The hawker stalls serve authentic regional food that is unique and delicious. For less than SG$5, you can get a filling meal of lotus leaf rice or dumplings. Every neighbourhood has its own hawker centre, making finding a delicious meal within reach.

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Local and International Go Hand in Hand

Singapore is a true melting pot of cultures. It is home to the Changi Airport, the biggest and busiest aviation hub in the region. It regularly sees tourists from all over the world who pass by on their way somewhere else or are there for business and leisure.

It isn’t surprising that the food options in Singapore are boundless. There are a lot of varieties. If you want Japanese food, numerous restaurants are serving authentic Japanese meals. If you miss American fast foods, they are in Singapore, too. Walk toward Chinatown and Little India to find Chinese and Indian restaurants.

The Sweetest Tropical Fruits

Southeast Asia is home to some of the sweetest fruits in the world, and you have access to all of them in Singapore. However, what you absolutely must try is the durian, the so-called king of fruits and the national fruit of the city-state. Durian is most known for its funky odour but does not let it turn you away because the flesh is unlike anything in the world. Its sweetness is memorable; once you get past the smell, durian will be the fruit that you will always crave.

However, if you cannot tolerate the smell, that is okay. Singaporean chefs have been creative with it, incorporating it into ice cream, cream puffs, creme brulees, mooncakes, and other desserts. It will allow you to enjoy the flavour of durian without the infamous smell.
Other tropical fruits that travellers must try in Singapore are dragon fruit, jackfruit, mango, mangosteen, soursop, chiku, and lychee.

Dining Experience to Remember

The local food scene in Singapore is competitive. Restaurateurs, therefore, have developed unique dining experiences that will set them apart from competitors and attract the interest of diners. There is always a food-related event around, and there are gimmicks that make headlines.

If for some reason, you want to experience dining inside a bus while you tour the vibrant city, you can get that in Singapore. GOURMETbus offers exactly that experience, and it does not compromise on the quality of food. It serves Michelin-starred meals — on wheels.

If you have ever dreamt of enjoying good food while exploring the high seas, the Royal Albatross is a real-life pirate ship and restaurant. It was even featured in the movie The Dark Knight.

Singaporeans love food, and it has given birth to a lively food scene that can compete with other cities in the world. There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your budget, cravings, or experience that you are looking for.

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