Smiling More Often: How Does It Help Improve Your Health and Well-Being?

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It is already well-established that most people choose to wear traditional braces or clear teeth aligners (if you have the budget) since a perfectly straight set of teeth turned out to have a lot of oral health benefits. But apart from that, people choose to straighten their teeth to have a beautiful smile.

Everyone would love to have a beautiful smile, since smiling more actually have health benefits, too. Several scientific claims back up the benefits of smiling, such as lowering the risks of depression, reducing anxiety, and even boosting your immune system.

Smiling more is not only good for you, but it can also be contagious. Smiling more often will not only make great first impressions but have other internal effects as well. Here are four things that smiling does to your health and well-being.

Smiling Minimizes Stress

Research shows smiling more often can reduce stress, relax your body, and calm your mind. This specific gesture is almost as similar to being well-rested and having a good night’s sleep. Smiling can release and evoke more positive emotions and put you in a happier mood that generally blocks out any negative hormones that greatly affect not only your physical health but also your mental health. This is one of the reasons most people tend to be happier around children because they smile more.

Smiling Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

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Since cortisol and endorphins (which are hormones that evoke happiness and positive emotions) are associated with smiling, it can help with slowing down your heart rate, especially at moments of panic and stress. It also lowers your blood pressure. Research also suggests even fake smiles can have the same effects.

Smiling Can Improve How Your Brain Perceives Things for the Better

Some studies show that the brain has a negative bias towards a lot of things, which is its defense mechanism to prevent pain. However, smiling more often can make the mind happier, more peaceful, and more positive and be that way for a long time depending on how often you smile. You can start counteracting these negative thoughts and emotions put falsely by the brain by smiling more to have a healthier state of thinking. This can be beneficial for both your mental and physical health.

Smiling Can Cut Down Procrastination and Boost Your Productivity

Putting on a smile on your face does not only make you seem more approachable and trustworthy to other people, or it wouldn’t only boost your mood a hundred times better. Smiling more often to start your day going to work could also boost your energy, willingness, excitement, and productivity as an employee. That main source of happiness would definitely get you more invigorated and positive, as opposed to frowning, which would, in turn, evoke negative emotions and could drain your energy out easily.

Life is too short to frown. Smile more often and spread happiness in the process. Doing so not only uplift your mood and create a positive environment around other people, but it also allow you to experience it incredible health benefits.

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