Spring Cleaning? 5 areas you missed in your checklist

The arrival of spring brings an uplifting feeling to the air – birds are singing their melodies, flowers are blooming with color, and the sun is shining its warm rays. Spring also means exchanging winter coats to brighter and lighter clothes, and indoor gatherings to a picnic out in the park. But it also marks the time for the annual big clean, complete with checklists of corners to dust and items to throw. Are these five commonly missed areas in your spring cleaning checklist?

Foundation repair

The foundation of a house is usually taken for granted despite its vital purpose in keeping your home standing. Your home can sink or twist when the foundation deteriorates due to poor soil compaction, inadequate drainage, and climate effects, which will cause extensive damage to the house structure. It is better to spot warning signs early and hire reliable contractors for foundation repair. Check for cracked walls, uneven floors, and gaps around window frames or exterior doors.


Showerheads are one of the most used but not cleaned enough items in your bathroom. The constant running of water clogs its nozzles with mineral deposits, potentially develops mildew, or even serves as a breeding ground for bacteria. A 2018 study by the University of Colorado showed how there are strains of bacteria thriving in showerheads. All you need to clean your shower head is to soak the fixture inside a plastic bag filled with a 50/50 water and vinegar mixture and secured by a rubber band for a few hours. An old toothbrush can then be used to scrub the showerhead if buildup remains.  

Indoor waste bins

The insides of waste bins are often neglected, turning into a catch basin of grime, dirt, and bacteria from all the old food, used tissues, and whatever trash finds it way in the bin. Bad odor can linger even if there is no garbage present. Give all your waste bins a good scrubbing with a toilet brush, dish soap, and water to keep them clean and less of a health hazard. Don’t forget to use rubber gloves to keep the germs away and protect your hands when handling chemical cleaners.

Garbage disposal

Out of sight and out of mind best describes the garbage disposal. You rinse down food waste from food preparation and leftovers down the drain never to be seen again – or so you think. Gunk and food particles can be left behind in the crevices of the strainer and disposal, encouraging bacteria to grow or even insects to gather. To clean your garbage disposal, you can apply dish soap to an abrasive sponge and scrub the entirety of the strainer and the grinding chamber. Don’t forget to turn off the power! The remaining gunk can be flushed down by pouring ½ cup of baking soda into the disposal, followed by ½ cup of vinegar.

Your smartphone


Smartphones are a big part of everyone’s lives going beyond mere texting and calling. Nowadays, they also act as a scheduler, entertainer, informer, and even teacher. With its multiple functions and constant usage, smartphones tend to slow down as downloads, applications, and videos accumulate. Your phone will thank you when you also schedule a cleanup of its unneeded content and launch its internal maintenance system. Use these seventips by NBC news to declutter your smartphone.

A good, deep spring cleaning keeps your house and surroundings clean, bright, and organized – especially the commonly missed areas – bringing fresh beginnings and productivity throughout the year.

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