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Many people think that a medical career means just being a doctor or a nurse. But there are other aspects of staying healthy that need attention. One of these is nutrition. People are often not careful about what they eat.   What you put into your body is important. These days, people are recognizing that fact and a nutritional background is quickly becoming a marketable talent. If you received education in nutrition or are planning to get some, here are some potential careers for you down the line:

Food Development Scientist

There are many companies out there in the food industry. It is a massive market and they all want to be able to have products that appeal to the market by being healthy. Though this job may require advanced degrees, some companies are willing to accept a bachelor’s degree as a starting point for entry into their team.

Nutritional Therapist

Getting a nutritional therapy training course is actually simple. There are several schools out there that offer basic classes and don’t require a formal degree. A nutritional therapist takes a look at a person’s lifestyle and evaluates their nutritional needs so that they can formulate a dietary plan that will improve their condition. Salaries vary wildly depending on training and certifications.


For those who dedicate themselves to a full education in nutrition, becoming a nutritionist is the goal. This is usually the goal of a four-year college course but depending on where you plan to work, there are varying requirements for becoming a full-fledged nutritionist. Your typical task would be to do dietary assessments and to work with other healthcare professionals in treating a patient’s nutritional needs. They can even offer individual nutritional counseling.

Independent Nutrition Professional

Most nutrition experts are connected with a hospital or a clinic but it is possible to start a freelance operation. You can offer your services to people who need nutritional help in a variety of settings. The most basic service you will be offering will be to create custom diets and eating plans. These will have a variety of goals ranging from weight loss to muscle growth. Thanks to the internet, you can actually offer this service to people all over the world.

Weight Management Professional

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People want to lose weight and there is a big market in that. With your nutritional training, you have a unique position in the market since it is a person’s diet that will affect that the most. This is why many gyms, fitness centers, and weight management programs are always in search of a good nutritionist. Being able to offer a solid eating plan adapted to a client’s needs is important. Mainly, you will be turning out diets that people will be able to stick to instead of just forgetting. This is a fairly lucrative job so this might be what you are looking for.

What you feed your body reflects on how well your body performs. That is why proper nutrition is key to improved health and fitness. The jobs above are increasingly valuable and you should consider them for your potential career development.

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