Staying Safe Outdoors: How to Enjoy Outdoor Activities during COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has affected most of us more than we’d wanted. Some businesses have closed and laid off people because of the lockdowns. People lost their jobs, but some managed to gain businesses and work-from-home opportunities because of the pandemic.

The government has requested the public to shelter in place for the time being, but most of them can only stay at home for too long. There are those who’d rather experience the great outdoors. Some work for the environment to pursue the great outdoors — those who work for companies serviced by grant-writing services.

The environment aside, you also need to protect yourself from the dangers of COVID-19. Is it possible to have your travel cake and eat it too during this period? Let’s weigh the risks and see if it’s possible.

Avoid Crowded Places for Workouts

If you want to work out, you’ll have to move somewhere that isn’t crowded. It goes without saying that the gym and the neighborhood basketball court is out. You’ll have to settle for a little cardio — jogging and riding a bike — but you also must find a space where you won’t run shoulder to shoulder with other people working out.

It may be hard to find places to jog or bike during winter, but substitute that with a hike or, if your area allows you, some skiing. Keep a positive mindset about winter but don’t forget to protect yourself from the cold if you decide to go out. Wearing layers of clothing to protect your head and limbs is a good idea.

Home Picnics During Warm Weather

During the winter, you’d most likely stay warmer indoors. It’s a win-win for both you and the authorities. You get to stay warm, turning up the thermostat, while the government gets one less person at risk of getting the coronavirus.

However, the things you do at home can get repetitive real fast. That’s why when the weather gets warmer or when it allows for it. You can probably hold a picnic in the backyard just for a change of pace. You can have a barbecue or choose to have food delivered for lesser fuss. You can choose to take it out to your patio or deck or enjoy it with the family at the park closest to where you live.

Small-Group Gathering at your Home

If you want a further change of pace, you can invite some friends while keeping in line with safety protocols. Remember to keep the group to the maximum number allowed. This helps in you keeping social distancing while enjoying each other’s company.

Masks and other safety gear must also be worn during the small gathering. If you’re feeling a little friendly, save it for when the virus isn’t around. Make sure that the activities are also good for people who must keep themselves distant from each other.

Planning a Safe Skiing Session


If you’re planning on going skiing, there are ways that you can keep yourself safe while having the time of your life. Some ski resorts have re-tooled their regulations, where distance is important when queuing for lines. People are also keeping distant when riding lifts.

If you must order food, order it to go. Some people have also taken to bringing home-cooked meals on the trip to the resort. Skiing is already socially safe, but to be as safe as possible, you could try to go for cross-country skiing.

Try to Get Some More Sun

Staying indoors might be safe, but our bodies aren’t designed to stay out of the sun for long. Exposure to sunlight helps us get some Vitamin D into our bodies, aside from antioxidants and energy in general. It also helps lower any inflammation our bodies may have and improves our over-all immunity.

If you can, you should spend time safely outdoors by keeping to yourself, mostly. You can walk around the neighborhood if you’re not into jogging. Simply reading a book while basking in the warm sunlight can also help you get your days’ worth of sunlight.

Of course, there are many other activities that you can do outdoors, and these are just a few suggestions to get you started. It’s hard to go outside right now because of the winter and COVID-19 combined. Try to wait it out until things get warmer. Remember to keep to safety protocols when you’re outside, and you’ll find little to worry about.

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