Starting Over After Rehab: Things to Help You Stay Sober

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People have different stress triggers. How we manage our stress can help us cope and live life through life. But because of various reasons, many people resort to addiction as a way of dealing with life’s daily struggles. Sadly, millions of people all around the world are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

According to statistics, up to 700 thousand people have experienced drug overdose deaths since 2000. This is in the United States alone. Still, there is hope for everyone needing to recover from addiction.

Rehab allows people struggling with alcohol and substance abuse to change their life for the better. But then, graduating from rehab won’t automatically guarantee sobriety. For most people, sobriety is a struggle they have to go through for the rest of their lives.

How can one start life anew after leaving rehab? There are some key aspects everyone wanting to stay sober should realize. These are as follows.

Recovery Housing

Going back to your old life, home, and routines can be quite challenging after leaving rehab. You need an environment that will help you stay away from your previous addiction. You can easily give in to your cravings without a supportive environment and render your rehabilitation days useless.

This is why experts suggest that people recovering from addiction invest time in exploring different transitional housing options. Such professionally designed settings can offer abundant opportunities for recovery without sacrificing comfort and privacy. Many sober living homes and apartments ensure your personal space and comfort while aiding you in your recovery.

Enrolling yourself in specialized housing allows you to curb cravings and lessen your tendency to face addiction triggers. This can help you better prepare yourself for long-term recovery. The support you can get will motivate you to become a better version of yourself without resorting to drugs and alcohol.

Proper Nutrition

Living a healthy lifestyle is crucial to your recovery. Without proper nutrition, it can be difficult for your body to heal the after-effects of addiction. Remember that when you were using addiction as a coping mechanism, your physical and mental health suffered.

Give yourself the chance to recover through proper nutrition. Start embracing healthy eating habits to avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Remember that fueling your body with healthy food and adopting healthy eating habits is the first step towards living a healthier life.

Healthy Hobbies and Activities

Now is a great time to embrace your passion or try activities that will lessen your stress and put your focus away from your triggers. Avoid activities that make you remember the old days. Resort to other ways that will help you cope and manage stress.

Regular exercise, for instance, is recommended. Pursuing a new hobby or exploring a new passion not related to your addiction is another way to place your attention on more productive things. These will help provide enough distraction to keep your triggers at bay.

Adequate Support

It may seem like you haven’t got enough people supporting your recovery. This is especially true if your home makes you remember all the painful memories while friends are a constant reminder of your past self. Surround yourself with loving and caring people who know what you need right now.

If you feel like no loved one can provide you with the support you need, you can always join support groups. Many professionals are waiting for you to open up and share your sentiments. Never for once think you are alone because no one is.

Situation Management

Many situations can remind you of your past addiction. How you manage such situations and your ability to take yourself out of tricky situations is crucial. Learn how to avoid places that make you remember your past addiction and always remember why you went to rehab in the first place.

It helps if you have that go-to buddy that will help you physically extract yourself away from your triggers. There will be times when it will feel like you can’t help but come across situations that will tempt you to go back to your addiction. With proper management, you will learn to avoid such situations and handle them as needed.

Emotional Management

Aside from situations, certain feelings and emotions can make you attracted to alcohol, drugs, or both. These are usually negative feelings that make you want to forget by indulging in drugs or alcohol. Heal yourself emotionally, and it will be easier to manage such negative emotions.

Identify your feelings and emotions and avoid suppressing or denying them. Instead, find ways to address such feelings without resorting to substance abuse or alcohol misuse. Choose to act the opposite of your negative emotions and forgive yourself in case you let go.

The road to sobriety will be a very bumpy one. Relapse is normal in addiction recovery. But that is not enough reason to allow yourself to go back to your old ways after rehab. Choose to live life anew with the help of these tips.

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