How to Support Local Charities

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From providing meals for the hungry to clothes for the homeless, countless local charities are doing fantastic work in communities across the country. And while these organizations rely heavily on donations from individuals and businesses, there are also other ways you can support their efforts. Here are some ways to make a difference in your community by supporting local charities.

1. Volunteer your time.

One of the best ways to support local charities is to donate your time and talents. Whether you’re helping to serve meals at a soup kitchen or sorting donations at a local thrift store, your time is invaluable. And since volunteers run many charities, your help is always appreciated.

Even if you’re too busy to devote as much time as you wish, you can still make a meaningful difference by volunteering once in a while. A little can go a long way when volunteering, so consider devoting some of your nights or weekends to helping a cause. You’ll undoubtedly make a difference.

2. Host a fundraiser.

Have a birthday coming up? Ask for donations to your favorite charity instead of gifts. Or get your friends, family, or co-workers together and host a fundraiser as a collective. It’s a great way to bond with your loved ones or community, and even better, all the money raised will go directly to supporting your chosen charity’s cause.

Why not try putting some muffins in the oven and having a bake sale? Or pulling together some buckets and soap for a car wash? If you have a talent or hobby, you can use it to raise money for a good cause.

Many online crowdfunding platforms make it simple and easy to raise money and awareness for the charities you care about. Check out websites like Kickstarter, which nonprofits and charities can use to get funding for projects or endeavors. You can also try GoFundMe or search Google for GoFundMe alternatives to find websites that specialize in specific kinds of fundraising. For example, GiveCampus is a website for educational fundraisers.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you’re excited about and will have fun doing! Also, be sure to get permission from the charity first and plan your fundraiser so that you can make a definite impact.

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3. Shop at businesses that give back.

More and more businesses are incorporating giving back into their business models. So next time you need to do some shopping, look for businesses that donate a portion of their proceeds to local charities. By patronizing these businesses, you’re not only supporting a good cause but also keeping your hard-earned money within the community. Win-win!

4. Give blood.

Giving blood is one of the easiest ways to support local charities—and it’s something you can do regularly if you’re healthy and eligible. Hospitals and blood banks always need donors, so schedule an appointment today and roll up your sleeve for a good cause. It’s quick, easy, and lifesaving!

5. Spread the word on social media.

Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to raise awareness and funds for local charities—and it doesn’t cost a thing! If you see a post about an upcoming event or donation drive that resonates with you, share it with your network and encourage others to do the same. You never know who might be inspired to get involved!

You can also consider creating an account, hashtag, or campaign to promote your favorite charities. By creating your own content, you help these charities gain exposure and bring them one step closer to their goals. Many nonprofits and charities have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, or Instagram profiles that you can follow to keep up with their news, so you can also advise others to follow and support them there.

6. Support them financially when possible.

Donations provide critical funding for many local charities and help them continue their life-changing work in the community. When making charitable donations, research the organization first to ensure that it’s reputable and that your money will be used wisely.

Double-check that you’re donating wisely via the correct platform or website. You don’t want to be scammed or contribute your hard-earned money to a fraudulent charity. Finally, give generously and as often as you can spare—every little bit helps!

There are countless ways to support local charities in your community—and every bit counts! From volunteering your time to donating money or goods, there are many ways you can make a difference. So get out there and start supporting those working tirelessly to make our communities better places for everyone!

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