Swimming Pool Maintenance Pointers for Every Owner

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Owning a swimming pool is a luxury for most people, and it tags along with hefty responsibilities. You have spent your time hosting pool parties, cultivating the perfect tan during those hot summer afternoons, or adopting a pool fitness routine. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance, your pool risks developing problems, such as algae build-up, green water, and broken filters. Before it gets out of hand, check out these insightful maintenance tips that will help you preserve your swimming pool’s integrity.

Inspect the Water Quality Regularly

Swimming pools need the right amount of chemical levels and pH to prevent skin and eye irritation. Improperly balanced chemical levels could also trigger murky waters and encourage bacteria and fungi. You should find a balance in chemical levels such as chlorine, cyanuric acid, and calcium. The water should maintain a neutral pH balance. Therefore, you might need to purchase quality testing kits and inspect the waters at least once every week.

Prepare for Winter

Preparing your pool for winter is part of the pool maintenance process. Winterize your pool by draining the water and covering it properly. This helps prevent leaks and mold growth, keeping the damage expenses at bay. If you aren’t sure about the winterizing process, you need to hire experts. It would help if you also involved professionals in snow removal services. This will protect your pool and the surrounding area from snow damage.

Scrub and Skim When Necessary

Search for reputable contractors who will show you how to scrub and skim your swimming pool without damaging it. Leaves and debris will always find their way into your pool. Consider skimming the leaves and debris daily to prevent build-up. You will also need to scrub the walls to prevent algae growth and build-up. Fortunately, you can get away with scrubbing but remember to brush the walls at least once a week.
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Pay Attention to the Filters

Another critical component of your swimming pool is the filter. The filter sieves out dirt, leaves, and other contaminants from the water. Over time, the filter basket may fill up, and if left unattended, it will affect the water’s purity. You might want to empty the filter basket at least once a week. As for the filter, you are required to clean it every three to six months.

Check the Water Levels

Another less known maintenance tip is inspecting the water levels in your pool. Inadequate water levels can damage the pump. It may cause the pump in the pool to run dry or burn up. On the other hand, too high-water levels can also be problematic. High water levels cause the skimmer door to work ineffectively.
Therefore, you should ensure that the water levels are safe, especially after a heavy storm or heavy pool usage. Your pool contractor should help you determine the pool’s right water levels, preferably the halfway point of the skimmer.
Schedule Professional Services

Although your efforts go a long way to ensuring your swimming pool is in great shape, it wouldn’t hurt to call professionals. Experts recommend scheduling at least one professional service at least once a year to make sure that it’s in good shape. The services should include inspecting the pool equipment and parts such as the heating systems, filters, and pumps. Routine maintenance by professionals detects impending problems early and allows timely repairs to save you from the long-run costs.
These maintenance tips ensure that your pool is in good shape. You will also enjoy the convenience of having access to a quality pool throughout the year. Enjoy your swimming pool and ensure you follow these guidelines for the best results.

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