The 3 Areas in Your Home That Probably Haven’t Been Cleaned for Years

Residential garage full of junk and storage

If you’ve been following the latest buzz about tidying up and getting the rooms in your home in order, you’ve most likely heard of the KonMari Method. And because it’s Springtime once again, it’s the perfect time to do it, especially in these three areas in your home.


If your home has an attic, chances are it’s used for storing old things. And if you’re not confident you can do the task of spring cleaning the attic alone, best to contact the cleaning service pros from a company like in Ogden, for a total and thorough space cleaning and proper waste disposal afterwards. Freeing up space in the attic can lead to exciting home designing projects like using it as a family room, a game room, or even as a guest room; the possibilities are endless.

Once cleaned up, cleared out, and repurposed, this under-utilized space can increase the value of your home if you decide to put it out on the market. Not all attics are used equally, so make this space in your homework for you and make it count.


dirty basement with brick wallsNext on the list for spring cleaning is your basement. If your basement doesn’t have any windows, it would also be a good idea to check for mold growth as it’s a common problem with areas where there are dust and inadequate air circulation. While it’s often used for storage like an attic, chances are here’s where you’ll find extremely old and unrepairable items that aren’t quite easy to get rid or dispose of.

There are a couple of ways to fix this space up after a massive clean up: improve air vents and/or install windows and window wells, if there is enough height from grade level to do so. A basement can be a relaxing and enjoyable space, as it can be used as a wine cellar, canned food pantry, or you can even turn it into a music room, a home theatre, or a game room, especially if the space is completely enclosed. If your basement has a window, make sure the window well is inspected and cleaned before and after the winter season. If there is a window but not a window well, fitting it out with one will be an excellent investment and the best way to protect the inside of your basement.

Storage Areas

And lastly, the ever full storage rooms and closets. This is where you’ll find all sorts of items, that have most likely been tossed or kept in there, supposedly for use in the future, but probably have never seen the light of day since the time it was stored. If this is a small space, best, you sort the items yourself before having it cleaned. Storage rooms and closets are often underused; despite its potential to serve more than just one purpose, it’s usually often merely used as a space for keeping temporary stuff and seasonal items.

One great way to make the most out of this tiny space is to incorporate a desk that would fit in the space, so it becomes a closet office. If you need a desk for a short period from time to time, and you’d rather not use a folding table, turning a storage closet into a mini office nook is the perfect remodeling project for it. The best part is, you can conceal it once you’re done and there’s nothing for you to fold and pack away after use. It’s a practical space make over that packs a lot of purpose and convenience.

Once you’ve cleaned out all these areas, you can feel the lightness of your newly organized home. So if you’re looking for weekend projects and aim to straighten up these three areas In your home this year, get the things sorted, so you can keep what you need, love, and like, and let go of those that you don’t. Give these rooms a clean slate and enjoy a newly created space in your home.

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