The Best Ways to Take Care of Your Neighbors While You’re Remodeling

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It’s hard enough that you have to take care of the budget, designs, and schedule when remodeling, but you also have to care about your neighbors’ feelings? Yes, that’s how you’re going to be a good neighbor. Unless, of course, you want this on your head for the next decade or so. Think about it. Would you want to live next door to a family remodeling their home? All that banging in the morning when you’re in a Zoom call with your boss will get to you.

You are going to share fence lines, streets, and parking with these folks. It will do you good to be in their good graces as these are the same people you will run for help if and when something happens on your property. So, before calling the builders, make sure you’ve already reached out to them about it.

Know the Laws

Some laws and regulations, especially if you live in a gated neighborhood, will require you to inform your neighbors about any remodeling. You will need to give them details about the schedule of the construction, so they can prepare beforehand. The more details you provide to your neighbors, the more positive your relationship will be with them. And remember that although you might be met with some frowns, don’t take it personally. No one wants to live beside a home construction. The noise and dirt are annoying.

Listen to Their Concerns

Some of your neighbors might be excited and curious. They might even tell you that they are planning to remodel, too. Yet, as mentioned above, some will be frowning and even hostile. Both reactions are okay. The important thing is to listen to their concerns. Take a mental note of these concerns, so that you can talk with your contractor about not doing noisy work at 7 in the morning.

Keep Them Posted

During the initial communication with your neighbors, ask them how they want you to reach out about updates of the project. Should you text, email, or drop by in person? Do what makes them feel comfortable. You might have to give them updates on the progress of the project, especially when it’s taking too long or something about your plan changed.

Some examples of the updates that your neighbors will want to know are the adjustment of your timeline and a particularly loud and disruptive work scheduled ahead of time. If there’s a large delivery of materials that will block the street, you should mention that to them, too. You should also reach out to them when the project is near completion.

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Give Them Gifts

There is no way everyone is going to be happy about a remodeling project. It disrupts everyone’s lives in the neighborhood. A nice little gift can smooth things over. It will show your neighbors how serious you are about getting into their good graces. Some great gift ideas for your neighbors are noise-canceling headphones, prepaid time at a coworking space, a white noise machine, and a gift certificate for a movie or spa day.

Invite Everyone

To mark the completion of your project, you can invite everyone for a backyard barbecue party. It will give curious neighbors the chance to see what you had remodeled. It’s also a way of saying thanks to your neighbors as they adjusted their daily routine to your remodeling project. If you are happy with the work of your contractor, you can ready their contact details and give them away to those who will ask.

Make sure to stay on good terms with your neighbors during a house remodeling project. There is nothing worse than not being okay with your neighbors. It will affect your well-being and your ability to relax in your own neighborhood.

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