The Different Types of Braces and How to Pick the Right One

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Gone are the days when braces were unseemly, chunky fixtures that got you made fun of at school. Nowadays, braces come in many different shapes and sizes, each of them not only small and barely noticeable. Some are even fashionable. They use advanced technology, are new and improved, and don’t carry the social stigma often associated with braces.

Braces are so important for having a set of perfectly aligned teeth; they are not simply cosmetic. They can be considered a medical necessity. If you are confused about which kind to get, here is a list of the types of braces available on the market. There also suggestions to help you pick one that is right for your needs. These are all widely available, and there are many orthodontists in Oviedo, Florida that offer these services.

Metal Braces

These are a variation or, rather, an improvement on the old-fashioned braces that were the bane of every kid’s existence in school. However, wearing them does not have to be the same terrible experience that it once was. Modern metal braces are small, and they don’t need to be kept on for as long. They are also less painful. They do not get food stuck in them as much, and they are much cheaper than other types of braces. On top of that, it is often trendy nowadays to wear colored variants of these types of braces as an adult or teenager. Get these if your budget is low or if you are getting them for kids.

Ceramic Braces

These are simply the ceramic version of metal braces. Being ceramic makes them less visible than metal ones. However, they require more maintenance as they can get stained easily. Get these if you are a working professional and if you don’t want to disturb your professional appearance with braces.


woman holding a clear bracesThis modern solution to the problem of traditional braces replaces the old metal braces with custom-made, plastic retainers made out of a special material. These retainers are made especially for your teeth and then glued on. They are effective for aligning and rotating your teeth, and they are almost invisible. They are also easily removable. You can take them off for special occasions such as parties or dates. On the other hand, they are much more expensive than traditional braces, take longer to correct your teeth, and cannot be used if your teeth have complicated issues. These braces are right for adults and professionals such as actors and models.

Lingual Braces

This brilliant invention just takes regular braces and places them on the insides of your teeth. This way, they are totally invisible from the outside. However, they can be expensive, difficult to clean, and may not be appropriate for all kinds of dental problems.

This is just an overview of the treatment options available to you. To make the final decision, consult your dentist for their opinion. Get detailed information and suggestions for which is the right option for you based on your particular case.

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