Tips for Making Your Home Safer for Elderly People

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More and more elderly people are starting to break tradition and choose to live with their children or grandchildren. Some do this because living in a retirement home is becoming more expensive. Others just prefer to be closer to their families.

It doesn’t matter what the reason may be for your parents or grandparents to live with you. The important thing is that you provide a good home for them. It should not only be comfortable, but it should also be safe for them. One way to do that is to get one of those lift chairs for sale in Orem or any other city in the U.S.

Lift chairs are better for elderly people. These chairs help them get up from a sitting position to a standing one without putting too much strain on their legs and backs by tilting the chair. If you’re serious about making your home safer for your loved ones, here are some other suggestions:

On the floor

If you have a carpeted floor, make sure that the carpet will not make your grandmother trip and fall. If your floor is made of wood or is covered with linoleum, make sure that it is clean but not too heavily polished. Sometimes it can be slippery. One way to ensure that your floor is clean without being too slippery is cleaning it with a mixture of vinegar and warm soapy water.

If you have throw rugs on the floor, remove them because they can be slippery. It’s riskier to have them on the floor when your grandma is walking around. But you can get those rugs with liners that provide good traction. These kinds of rugs can stick to your floor. Even when you try to push them with your foot, they won’t budge so easily. These kinds of rugs will be safer for your grandparents.

On the chairs

Your grandfather will be doing a lot of sitting down when he’s at your home, so make sure that all of your chairs are easy for him to use. This means that when he sits down, the chair should not be too soft that he will sink to the bottom; otherwise, he’ll find it hard to get up again.

Also, if you have a tradition of having a movie night every weekend, make sure that the couch is firm enough that your grandpa won’t sink in the middle and have a tough time standing up. You can get a lift chair for him because these chairs are quite effective in helping a person stand up without putting too much strain on their legs and back muscles.

On the tables

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If you have a rectangular dining table, try replacing it with a round one. A table with corners could cause injuries to elderly people because they’re less agile and more prone to hitting corners. Also, choose tables that are not too high or too low. Get some that are just right for your grandparents’ height so that they won’t have to slouch or raise their elbows too high.

On the beds

You can purchase adjustable beds for your grandparents so that they can choose how high or low they want the upper half of the bed to be reclined. If adjustable beds are too expensive, make sure that your grandparents’ beds are firm enough so that they won’t sink in the middle or force their spine to curve too much.

In the bathrooms

Make sure that the floors in the bathrooms are not slippery. To ensure that your grandparents won’t slip and fall, all the bathrooms should have rubber rugs that provide good traction for them to step on.

These are just some of the suggestions you can use to make your home a lot safer for elderly people. Before you welcome your grandma and grandpa into your home, use these tips to prevent any accidents from happening to them.

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