To Fence or Not to Fence: A Few Tips


As a home or property owner, you want to protect it and your privacy too. In many residential neighborhoods, it is a must and helps to provide clear boundaries between yards and a modicum of privacy.

If you work with any of Tampa’s best fence installation companies, the factors that you will have to consider are what you want the fence to do for you, the style (based on the neighborhood and the covenants) and your budget.

One thing is a given — considering all factors, the fence will have to be sturdy and long-lasting. The ultimate aim is to get one which is low maintenance and looks good. Here are a few tips.


Among the different materials used for fencing, the ones that most durable are wrought iron and steel. Steel is more commonly used as it is lighter compared to wrought iron.

But both of these expensive and may be unaffordable. There are other options which are affordable and last a long time with a bit of care. Vinyl, wood, and aluminum are three popular choices.


Your choice of materials will have the biggest impact on your budget. Another factor is the size of the property. Talk to a local fencing company and get estimates before starting work on the fencing project.


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Due to covenant restrictions, a property owner can be restricted, especially in an urban setting with fencing choices. Check with the homeowner’s association about the different choices and then start work.

If the builder has already put in fences and it needs replacing, then the job becomes much easier – replace it with something similar. Putting in a fence definitely adds value to a home and works well to protect children and pets from wandering off. It also adds resale value to the property.


Most often than not, fences are installed in backyards while the front is left unfenced. A fenced front yard doesn’t serve a property owner well unless a home is set on acres and it is on the perimeter.

Utility vs. monetary value

Even if getting a fence has financial significance to the owner, it may not be the same to a prospective, future buyer. Some people like the feeling of open spaces, while others like their privacy. It is a matter of individual choice, and the process of buying a home takes this into account.

Overall look

Even if the material used to construct a fence may be a combination of materials like wood and metal, the overall look will influence the buyer. If it is in good shape and well maintained, it will have aesthetic appeal and increase property values.


Just like a home, fences should also be maintained regularly. Whether it is vinyl, wood, wrought iron or something else, checking fence posts and even slats for damage pays off in the long run.

Fence installation companies and the internet are great sources for fencing ideas. It pays to do research and find a style that stays in character with your home. The wrong type of fencing can take away from the beauty of your property and yard.

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