Top Ways to Keep Acne Under Control


You may never know how much acne affects the youth today, not unless you experience the sorrow it brings personally. Acne may sound simple. It’s as common as snow in winter. And yet, even when America is an advanced country, acne still hounds millions of Americans even up to today. In fact, government data shows it’s the most common skin problem affecting over 50 million Americans yearly. It is estimated 85% of young Americans aged 12 to 24 get acne.

Studies revealed the acne problem induces a lot of negative emotions in people. In the long run, it can take a huge toll on a person’s emotional health. In reality, acne isn’t as simple as it sounds. The best way to counter this facial menace is to understand its origins. Only then can you hope to contain the problem. Without such an understanding, your actions could be counterintuitive. Instead of treating acne right, you could be making matters worse.

If you or your children are suffering from acne breakouts, here are the things you should know and do:

The Sad, Sad World of Acne

For many millennials today, acne is a seemingly never-ending embarrassing problem. It’s highly-likely a number would choose to hide their faces. And we wouldn’t be surprised.

Researchers found out that a whole range of negative emotions accompanies people who develop acne. ; These include increased feelings of low self-esteem, anxiety, and being alone. In short, acne could be a big blow to one’s self-image.

Well, if you’re thinking all that sounds ample formula for suicide, then you’re right. A study done by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health showed young people with acne are prone to suicidal thoughts. About 25% of the 4,000 teens studied reported suicidal thoughts.

In this sense, acne affects social interaction. Of those studied 52% felt detached from friends. Plus, people with acne are less likely to excel in school.

Worse, such psychological impacts could be more pronounced in boys than girls. Researchers think the reason for this is that girls tend to their acne better than boys.

Looking at the Root of the Problem

It’s paramount you proceed with caution when treating acne. The proper treatment of acne can come only with a proper understanding of the problem. Right off the bat, it’s imperative that you consult the right skin experts when things go out of hand.

First stop, know that there are three conditions that must be present for pimples to manifest. One, there have to be dead skin cells. When unattended to, these dead cells block the pores of the face, clogging it in the process.


Secondly, there has to be excess oil. There are many ways excess oil can develop. Know that it’s the sebaceous gland of your skin that produces oil. For their part, sebaceous glands are affected by one’s diet and hormonal changes. That’s why teenagers easily develop acne as their hormones are on a hyperdrive.

Lastly, we should have the P. Acnes bacteria for a pimple to break to the surface. Excess oil in a pore is a perfect breeding ground for such bacteria.

So there you have it. One of the major causes of acne is hormones. Next is your diet. Greasy food may not be the culprit. But it’s been shown certain foods such as milk and sugar can trigger acne.

Then there’s stress. It may not cause acne directly. However, if you’re stressed your acne can get a lot worse.

Keeping It Under Control

As oil and dead skin cells are vital to the development of acne. Keeping your face clean is a good way to prevent acne from developing. That also means you should not press your smartphone to your face. These devices can be a magnet for a slew of germs.

Another is to keep your make-up brushes as clean as possible. These tools are also a magnet for oil and all sorts of debris. Applying them to your face can mean you’re giving the bacteria greater chances to survive.

Lastly, restrain yourself. As much as you want to pop those pimples, don’t. By picking on your pimples, you actually are spreading the bacteria to your face. It’s that sort of behavior that will only make matters worse.

As you can see by now, you can put acne to a minimum. You just have to play your cards right.

In life, you may not be able to escape altogether from the horrible clutches of acne. But you sure can minimize it. With proper understanding and some patience, you should be in control. When you do, those days when you wear a blemish-free face is not far ahead. It’s within reach.

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