Types of Chiropractic Exercises for an Improved Posture


Your natural spinal curvature is not only designed to avert low back pain, but it also affects several body functions. A proper posture to reinforce this curvature will improve your concentration, breathing, and vital organ functioning while stimulating your general well-being. It also conserves your muscle energy and reduces abnormal wear of the joints. Some of the aspects that contribute to a poor posture include obesity, stress, pregnancy, abnormally tight and weak postural muscles, and the use of high-heeled shoes.

Fortunately, a physical therapist in a chiropractic clinic in Chandler, Arizona can recommend exercises that will align your body’s curve. These are essential if you have rounded shoulders, forward head carriage, an arched lower back, and general body discomfort and pain. Even if you have none of these, the many diseases you are suffering might be caused by a misaligned spine. Here are the chiropractic exercises that will realign your spine:

Shoulder Retraction Exercises

These help in the vertical alignment of your neck and head with the spinal column while allowing the thoracic spine to extend. Shoulder retraction exercises are meant to relax tight pectoral and neck muscles. These effects do not alleviate only back pain but also headaches. Shoulder retraction exercises are done when standing straight with your feet straight ahead and the arms at your side. This position is held for 20 to 30 seconds.

Reverse Shoulder Shrugs

chirepractor and patient

These are simple exercises for the relief of shoulder and neck stiffness and the overall improvement of your posture. They will combat the effects of neck craning or anterior head carriage that occur with repeated stress and muscle fatigue. Reverse shoulder shrugs can be performed when standing or seated. The shoulders are lifted upwards then rolled downwards and backwards to move your spine. This will extend your thoracic spine and open the chest.

Repetitive Chin Tucks

These are meant to stretch your neck muscles while promoting an optimal posture. They target the cervical spine and release the tension in these muscles that will produce headaches. Repetitive chin tucks will be done when seated and with the back straight. The chin is brought to your chest and held for five to seven seconds, then repeated. You can enhance the effects of the repetitive chin tucks with gentle pressure from your index finger on the chin.

The Hummingbird

This is designed to alleviate the slouch caused by poor posture and realign your head with the spine. It strengthens the muscles located between your shoulder blades, lifts your rib cage, opens your pectoral muscles, and improves the thoracic muscle fibers. In the hummingbird, you will raise your arms such that they remain parallel to the floor then bend the elbows with your palms facing forward, forming a 90-degree angle with the biceps. The arms will then be rotated backwards in circular movements for about a minute.

The exercises mentioned above should not be performed without the input of a chiropractor. They will only worsen your postural complications and overall health. The chiropractor will conduct different tests and consider your lifestyle and any preexisting conditions before recommending the exercise that will work for you. Moreover, the exercises should first be done under the supervision of a chiropractor to guarantee their safety.

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