Understanding Why Your Teenager Yearns for Personal Space

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Most of us, if not all, have gone through a phase in our lives that we strongly wanted “freedom” but we were just too young to have it. And now that you’re a parent, you’re seeing the same scenario in your teenage kid.

Once children reach their adolescent years, they suddenly start yearning for their own private space. This may be difficult for parents, but this time is when teenagers need our guidance the most. It’s a part of raising a child.

While it may be hurtful to watch your kid draw away from you slowly, it’s essential to understand that your growing kid is now turning into an adult who deserves the freedom that he or she needs.

Why teens need personal space at home

As children get old, they get progressively distant and become independent, eventually. It’s normal to feel worrisome at first, especially as they slowly discover more about themselves.

However, it’s crucial that you create boundaries for both you and your kid. Even as simple as remodeling the bathroom in your Ogden home to give your kid’s room a different vibe can provide them with a sense of individuality.

You should respect their opinions especially when it comes to the limits that they’d like to see in place. Even if a few of them seems unreasonable, discussing it with them will give you a peek into what your teen truly wants.

They’ll likely try to test your limits by doing risky behaviors now and then. It can be tempting just to let go of them completely. But resist it and don’t give on your teen just yet. It’s a phase where your teen needs to know that you’ll always be there for them no matter what happens.

A struggle between trust and privacy

Your teen wants to gain your trust to explore things. They want to be treated as adults and want people to see they have what it takes to become independent. But teens not only yearn independence during their adolescent years.

They are also going through various changes in their physique, which makes privacy imperative. Your teen will no longer feel comfortable changing clothes in front of you or do things that they’d typically do when they were kids. Some¬†would also start locking their bedroom door or bathroom to get some privacy.

When to invade your teen’s privacy

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There are times when teenage children show signs of depression or sudden loss of interest in the hobbies they used to enjoy. If you notice that your kid has become withdrawn or is showing signs of substance abuse, then it’s probably time that you snoop.

However, you should first try to talk with your teen about the changes that you’ve been noticing. Ask them how’s everything going and see if you can get information. It’s also worth considering having your teen see a therapist.

A simple home remodeling can significantly help teenagers get the privacy that they need. Respect is something that your teen wants at their age. So, show them that you respect and trust them, and that you believe in their capability to be independent.


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