Wedding Assumptions: Letting Go of Misconceptions Before the Big Day

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Weddings symbolize the start of a new, exciting, and sometimes bumpy journey in life. Thus, it only fits that you look and feel your best before the big day. There should be minimum to no room for mistakes; therefore, every step and decision needs careful consideration.

However, with things piling up on our plate, it’s easy to fall for wedding myths and misconceptions. If you aren’t careful, believing in them could lead to regrets, misunderstanding, and a hole in your bank account. But while this is a common problem most engaged couples face, you can still do something about it by letting go of these wedding assumptions.

That you need to stick with whites

Weddings are often linked to the color white as this often represents peace, unity, and purity. However, this wasn’t always the norm, nor is there a written standard that wedding motifs should be this way. Instead, if you look back in history, the opposite was more widely accepted.

For example, royal families favored bright and rich-colored dresses as they symbolized wealth and power. On the other hand, Asian countries like China and Japan preferred colorful dresses with intricate designs to show their rich culture and traditions. However, it wasn’t until Queen Victoria used a simple white gown in her wedding that people noticed and incorporated it into their wedding entourage.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to let go of this theme altogether. However, if you’re considering wearing something that would show your personality, it’s best to free yourself from these outdated beliefs. Have a professional help you plan and visit a reputable bridal boutique for your wedding gown needs. You may communicate your values and how you want to incorporate them in your wedding accessories, dress cut, and designs.

This is your special day so, it’s okay to be selfish and let the celebration reflect you and your partner’s taste and style. Nevertheless, it is a memorable moment that you can look back and share with your children and grandchildren later on.

That you should lose or gain weight for your wedding day

Looking your best does not necessarily mean achieving a perfect body and polishing your physical appearance. It should be more about how you see yourself and how you feel inside. Free yourself from these toxic cultures and beliefs and start living in the present.

You should embrace who you are and stop stressing about not conforming to others’ standards. Of course, you can still go on a diet or workout should you want to achieve a particular look for your big day. However, it’s crucial not to put too much pressure on yourself.

Be comfortable in your own skin and celebrate your little wins. When we are genuinely happy about something, our body radiates that positivity and further reflects our health, and affects people around us.

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That you need to be financially stable

As the cost of living continues to rise, securing one’s financial health is crucial, especially before making major life decisions. This includes building your dream home, starting a family, and having children. However, while setting specific standards for yourself can improve your quality of life, having unrealistic goals and deadlines may result in disappointments, frustration, and regrets.

Therefore, as much as you want to figure everything out before you walk down the aisle, understand that this isn’t something we can do immediately. Life is a constant learning and unlearning process, and trying to be perfect will only lead you nowhere. So, while building yourself is great, having someone you can create new dreams with and understands, motivate, and support you in every way they can, and vice versa, is one way to live life fully.

But while financial stability will come by later, a good practice you can do is be financially responsible. This means you and your partner should have a mutual understanding regarding your spending habits. Be more open about your needs, expenses, cash flow, and financial goals. Once you get those established, you can start improving your income and reaching your dreams together.

Married life is never easy; however, it can be equally fulfilling, especially for those who want it. We, as human beings, are wired to be in a relationship, whether in ourselves, our minds, with a significant other, friends, and family. It gives us purpose and keeps us going. Therefore, it’s best to find yourself and ensure you reflect on it in every way you can, especially on your special day.  So, make sure to make it count.

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