What Are the Best Extracurricular Activities for Kids?

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Extracurricular activities refer to any activities outside school. Kids can easily get bored, and they need something fun and exciting to do to keep their mind stimulated. And extracurricular activities provide engaging ways.

Extracurricular activities involve teamwork that helps kids be more comfortable at social events. Besides that, extracurricular activities also help develop self-esteem and confidence of these kids. Study shows that children who are involved in extracurricular activities perform better in academics than those who play gadgets and computer games.

1. Horseback Riding

They say that horseback riding is one of the most expensive sports. There might be some truth in that. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; there are cheap horseback riding lessons available for kids.

It’s a fun sport, and it also helps children develop positive behavior such as patience, self-discipline, kindness, and accountability. On top of that, it also enhances physical condition by improving balance, coordination, and cardiovascular function.

Just look for horseback riding instructors who offer a discounted package that already includes the travel cost. Don’t forget to drop by a shop that sells horse saddles first. Of course, you need to get your kid protective equipment before the training.

2. Soccer

This is considered one of the most popular sports in the world with over 3.5 million fans worldwide. Why is that? The simple answer is that soccer is easy to play and enjoyable. Plus, it’s a team sport, so it helps build relationships with others and enhance self-esteem. What’s more? It’s inexpensive. For $12, you can already get shin guards. The total cost can reach only around $150 per season.

3. Basketball

This is a fun and exciting game that belongs to the top 10 most popular sports worldwide. Its fast-paced nature makes it more thrilling. But aside from fun and excitement, it’s also beneficial to your health. It strengthens bones, boosts the immune system, improves cardiovascular functions, and promotes mental development. You only need a jersey, a ball, and a pair of sneakers for this game, so it won’t cost you more than $300 per year.

4. Martial Arts

Want your kids to learn self-defense? Enroll them in martial arts lessons then. It’s one good way to increase their speed, flexibility, and stamina. The best martial arts for kids are karate, kickboxing, Muay Thai, tae kwon do, and jiujitsu.

In a martial arts class, they’ll learn different forms of self-defense from different angles. And because it involves interaction with people, too, it can boost their confidence and self-esteem.

The good news is that you might not have to pay for an additional expense anymore. There are martial arts centers that are already paid by your childcare. These programs allow kids to enjoy martial arts training for free.

5. Track

This involves running at different distances. Since it’s easy to adjust to the demands of track, your kids won’t have difficulty learning it. It improves focus, speed, and overall health. Track also provides new opportunities to meet new running buddies.

The only investments required are a durable pair of sneakers and a comfortable outfit. Then look for the right track team near you.

6. Music Lesson

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Music is good for the soul and health, psychology says. It promotes discipline and social functioning, which is why it is a great extracurricular activity for your kids. In a music class, they will learn to play musical instruments, allowing them to discover and develop their talents more.

Just look for an experienced music instructor who can teach your kids to play instruments such as the piano, flute, or guitar. More often, you don’t have to buy the materials related to the lessons, such as books and recitals, because the instructor usually provides them.

7. Swimming

Perhaps one of the most important reasons for enrolling your child in a swimming lesson is that it can save them from drowning. In addition, it also helps improve the endurance and mental and emotional health of a child.

You may look for a private or group swimming lesson, but group setting is more recommended, as it promotes social interaction and sense of belonging. It may cost you more than $300, but that already includes the swimming attire, goggles, cap, and membership fee.

8. Dance Lesson

Dancing is a great extracurricular activity because it makes kids feel enthusiastic and graceful. The feeling of being alive when you dance to the beats is what makes dancing enjoyable. Because it increases the production of endorphins or “feel-good chemicals,” it reduces stress.

You can find free or discounted dance classes in your community, particularly for children. Others spend that much on dancing lessons, but learning how to dance doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.

There you go! Just choose the activity that best suits your child’s personality and interests. It’s a great way for them to develop their talents and skills.

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