What happens at a dental check-up?

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For many people, dental check-ups are a regular part of life, with people going to see their dentist every few months or so. However there are also many people for whom dental check-ups are not so common, with many perhaps not having gone to see a dentist since they were children. If this is the case for you, then you may perhaps be unfamiliar with what happens at a regular dental check-up nowadays. This article will aim to explore the kind of things that you can expect from a dental check-up at a dentist Meath to give you the necessary knowledge for you to go to your next dental check-up with confidence.

Things to expect

There are a few different things you can reasonably expect from a dental check-up. During your first dental check-up, you will probably receive a detailed assessment of your mouth, your teeth and your gums. This assessment will often start with your dentist looking at your medical/dental history, and seeing if you have any medical conditions or are on any medication which may impact the health of your teeth and your mouth as a whole.

Your mouth will then be examined in its current state. This includes the dentist looking at and having a record of all of your teeth, so that they can be aware of any areas that they may need to be concerned about. As well as your teeth, the examination should also include the dentist checking your jaw points, to ensure that they are free of any signs of disease, and also a cancer screening in the soft tissue area of your mouth. The dentist will also check the teeth for any damage they may have had done to them in the past, for example damage from gum disease or tooth decay. Based on what areas of concern in the mouth are found (if any), the dentist will likely give you some recommendations on the types of treatments that may be required to restore or keep your mouth in good health. In addition, X-rays of the mouth may be taken, so that any areas of concern can be monitored in further detail.

Why dental check-ups are important

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Primarily, each dental check-up you receive helps to maintain a healthy mouth. Therefore, it is important to have these check-ups regularly, both to keep your mouth healthy and also so that the dentist can frequently check for any signs of dental problems like gum disease and tooth decay. By doing this, the dentist is more able to correct any problems before they become more complicated, which reduces the risk of these problems requiring extensive treatment.

It is also important for there to be good communication during a dental check-up. In other words, it is important for the patient to feel that they have enough time and consideration given to them so that they can fully explain any observations and/or problems they may be feeling in their teeth and gums. This can be very useful, as often the patient will know more about the specific conditions or symptoms they may be directly experiencing than a dentist otherwise would.

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