What Improvements Can You Do to Make Your Home Ideal During COVID-19?

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If you’re given a chance to build your ideal home during the pandemic, what would you do? How would you start? You could be looking at various properties now. Do you know what your ideal home looks like?

There may be no better time than now to think about all these things. Why? Firstly, that’s because you have more time at home. And with that, you have more time to think.

Secondly, your life may be hanging in the balance now more than ever. With the virus still ravaging the old and the weak, we could be looking at the new normal for longer. Think employment. The U.S. has become a work-from-home economy, with 42% of its employees working from home full time.

In your quest, great planning is winning half the battle. While an ideal home should fit your tastes, there are certain essentials you need to factor. Below are dream house must-haves — assuming you want a more beautiful and safer home during the pandemic. And yes, these are non-negotiable.

A Strong Foundation

A properly laid-out foundation is the base and strength of your home. With or without the pandemic, a poorly built property foundation will only result in frustration and future problems for homeowners.

That said, a concrete foundation is the best way to go. You may try other materials, but concrete has proved to be durable. Concrete offers stronger, better, and drier basements than other foundations. They are very adaptable to most modern home designs, too, offering either smooth or brick finishes.

In this regard, hiring a cement work contractor is wise, to make sure your foundation is solid. DIY may be the last thing you need in this project if you want to get it right. Foundation experts know all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to concrete construction.

Proper Ventilation

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With many people staying indoors, it’s harder to have proper ventilation these days. You must ensure a working ventilation system so that people staying inside your home will have more comfort and protection. Proper ventilation minimizes the proliferation of many indoor airborne pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2. Make sure that you have fresh and breathable air in your precious abode.

A window air conditioner with an open vent for outdoor air absorption increases ventilation in your personal space. Another trick is to have your windows or doors wide open when possible. But be warned. You should only do this if both temperatures outside and inside are the same. You wouldn’t appreciate unwanted outside temperature to enter the room, or comfortable, warm air inside to escape.

Your Own Outdoor Space

Most people are feeling a little claustrophobic with the constant need to stay at home. The best way to feel the outdoors without actually stepping out of your premises is to build your own private outdoor space. To this end, decks and patios are mostly preferred by homeowners. You can have a roof deck built as well to suit the purpose.

Plus, if you ever want to sell your home in the future, outdoor living spaces can add value to your property. This extensions of your house will make future buyers willing to pay more for a treasure trove.

Not only will this addition make your home more beautiful, but it is also beneficial to your wellbeing. A nice cup of tea near nature can set you in a good mood first thing in the morning. It would be nice to feel the outdoors even though you’re only but a few steps away from your front door.


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