What to Consider When Buying Men’s Cowboy Boots

Traditional men's cowboy boots

Finding the best men’s cowboy boots is not done in a few store visits or a dedicated browse over the Internet. Cowboy boots are specially made to suit its wearer, not to fill a storefront or the glossy pages of magazines. When on a search for the best boots, it is important to experience them up close and personal.

Fitting the Boots

Fitting the boots will not only tell you how good it would look on you. It will also tell you how long you may potentially use it. If it fits well, it should feel good.

  • Choose the right socks when fitting the boots. Socks that are too thick may land you to the bigger sized boots, and this is not a good idea. The same with thinner socks. If it is your first time to try on boots, use boot socks or athletic socks that are calf high.
  • Stand when trying on the boots. Sitting seems to be more ideal, but cowboy boots are not shoes. You have to stand up so your feet can fit squarely around the arch. This allows for better support, too.
  • Knowing the ball of your foot helps in reducing stress. To find the ball of the foot, stand with a balanced stance then look for the widest part of your foot. That is the ball of your foot and must be at the widest part of the boot.
  • It is also good to look into the space provided for your toes. Make sure there is enough room to wiggle those toes. Having the right width and arches can help. You get the right width if you see the stitches on the outsole of a boot while standing up. As with the arches, the boot shank must match the arch of your foot.

Some Caution

Cowboy boots in a storeThere are, however, some things to be cautious about. Cowboy boots were made for the pasture. Although makers have made adjustments for more casual use, it is still advisable to solve issues with size and comfort.

  • The mold in which every boot is made on is unique from manufacturer to manufacturer. You should not be surprised if one boot fits and another similar one does not. The best advice is to try every boot you find just to get the right fit.
  • The comfort felt by the foot, especially the toes, in a casual shoe is different from a pair of cowboy boots. For those with a broad or wide foot, try looking for boots with an extreme taper. The taper should be closer to your toes and does not close in too narrowly towards your toes.

Men’s cowboy boots are hard to find, but fitting the right one is even harder. Made to withstand the harsh elements of farm work, cowboy boots have unique make, style, and comfort levels. Manufacturers have to retain its original design while allowing for more casual use. That is why trying one on is the best way to get the correct pair.

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