What’s the Best Material for Residential Garage Doors?

There are several types of garage doors to choose from. Make sure to consider the quality of materials used. Install the best type that suits your budget and needs. Do more research about your prospects. Know the pros and cons. More importantly, make sure it suits the overall design of your property.

There are three main factors you have to consider:

Durability – As with anything in your home, it’s best to get a garage door that doesn’t get damaged easily. You want its life span to last longer, which guarantees safety and security. What’s more, it can help you save money as you don’t have to spend on hiring a replacement or garage door repair from a Salt Lake City provider that often.

Cost – The material that you use won’t be the only factor in determining your garage door’s price. There’s also its dimension and its design. Still, it’s a huge factor and something you have to consider, especially when you’re on a budget carefully.

Aesthetic – We all want a beautiful home. If you’re getting a garage door, it’s best to complement it with your home’s theme. This way, your property’s aesthetic is cohesive and is good to look at.

What Materials are Available

Below is a list of the most common garage door materials you’ll find in Salt Lake City:


Garage door

Steel is the most common type of material that is used for garage doors–and for a good reason. This material is highly durable and has a good lifespan. Even with its durability, it’s reasonably priced and can be very versatile when it comes to styling.

For example, you can let it be to create an almost industrial but modern type garage door, or you can paint it to mimic wood. The latter is possible since steel is available in different textures. It can achieve that rustic style without using real wood. They’re also very easy to maintain, which is perfect for the busy homeowners. However, the material also has flaws: it’s not a good insulator. That means it can’t block out noises unless you get an insulated one.


Aluminum garage doors are a lot like steel garage doors, only more affordable. You can even get various styles of aluminum doors. The finishes can also last longer, plus it also has the faux wood texture if you wish. But compared to steel, aluminum is a lot more lightweight. The only bad thing about it is that it’s much easier to dent.


Wood is another popular material and is a perfect option for those seeking more traditional styles.

You can choose from a variety of wood materials. Each one has a different price point, with the painted wood as one of the most affordable choices. If you want stain-grade wood, it’ll cost you more. Wooden doors tend to improve your home’s curb appeal, and they are better insulators. However, it’s rather high-maintenance and has a shorter lifespan than steel.

Any of these materials can create a durable and reliable garage door. However, it’s best to consider their pros and cons when finally deciding.

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