Why is it important to visit the Dentist W1?

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Whilst visiting the dental practice may seem like a chore, especially when your teeth do not cause pain, the visits are actually of great importance in order to manage excellent oral hygiene.

The absence of pain, whilst of course very good, does not mean that there are no underlying issues or failures within your oral hygiene methods at home. For instance, when parts of your body bleed there is always a cause and will be dealt with by cleaning up and ensuring further injury does not occur. When the gums bleed from cleaning, this should be dealt with in exactly the same way. It is not an occurrence that should be ignored. Therefore it means that within your oral hygiene process there is a step being missed, perhaps the absence of flossing. No matter what the cause and preventive method needs to be addressed and this is where the regular visits to your dental practice will help.

What is preventive care?

Attending six-monthly check-ups at the dental practice enables the dental team to spot potential dental issues early and create a plan which will intervene and prevent further damage. By eliminating the dental issue early on this also reduces the chances of a costly or emergency dental surgery. Spending around 15 mins at the dental practice every 6 months sure sounds like a better solution. Whilst some may think that dentists enjoy intensive treatments and procedures, the truth is, they would prefer patients to work with them on preventive care.

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The importance of your smile.

The effect of a smile in everyday life is astonishing. It can fill someone with confidence, put another at ease, add natural beauty to your face and change a stranger’s day for the better. Unfortunately, a smile can also negatively impact the person wearing it if they have oral hygiene problems. An odour to the breath, misaligned or missing teeth, no matter what the problem is, rest assured that your dental team can help.

The important thing to know is that modern advances within the dental world in both knowledge and technology means that treatments and procedures are as minimally invasive as possible and in some cases, treatments can be carried out at home. You do not need to suffer that is one thing for certain and no matter what, with teamwork from both you and your dental team, you will be able to manage, reduce and in some cases eliminate the dental issue altogether. The broken smile which negatively impacted your day can be turned around leaving you with a confidence that never seemed possible.

It may be that you attend regular check-ups with your dental team but if you have let this slide over the months or years then give your dental practice a call and book in for a quick check-up. It doesn’t take long to book or attend but the benefits will outweigh the time it takes anyway.

Please note, all dental treatments and procedures carry potential risks and we, therefore, advise all patients to seek further information and advice from their local dental practice.

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