Why Should You Install a Spiral Staircase?

modern luxury home with high ceiling and spiral staircase

You do not often see a spiral staircase in homes or offices. It is unfortunate because spiral stairs have lots of advantages over winding and straight staircases. Ask any stair specialist, and they will tell you the many benefits of this design.

Less space consumption

Unlike other staircases, the spiral design requires less space, which is beneficial to homes that are quite cramped. If you check out some of the apartments in New York City, you will see that a lot of them use spiral staircases for two-level units. It is because apartments in this city are quite small, and spiral stairs will not take up too much space.

Another advantage of this design is it is better situated in corners than in the middle of the room. So, if you put your stairs at a corner, you will have plenty of space in the middle of the room to put any large furniture you want.


A lot of people fear climbing spiral staircases because they think that it can be dizzying going round and round. If they feel dizzy, they might fall down the stairs and break something. But spiral stairs are actually safer than other kinds of stairs.

If you think about it, when you fall down a straight flight of stairs, there is nothing in front of you to keep you from falling. Winding staircases are not that safe either. They often have long curves, so just like straight stairs, there is nothing to prevent you from falling all the way down to the bottom.

On the other hand, if you trip on a spiral staircase, the tight curves will keep you from falling straight down. Also, the central column and the handrail can give you a secure handhold, minimising the chances of you slipping and falling.


building's spiral staircase

Since spiral staircases take up less space, that means you will not have to spend too much on buying materials for your stairs. Straight flight of stairs will require you to get long planks or steel platforms to build it as well as winding stairs.

On top of that, straight and winding stairs are harder to build. That means more work hours and therefore additional labour costs. A spiral staircase, meanwhile, is easier to build and takes lesser time. So, that means lesser work hours and lower labour costs, which is beneficial if you are on a tight budget.


Spiral staircases can be elegant, as well. Check out designs of metal spiral staircases online, and you will see how beautiful (and sturdy) they can be.

You can go with a minimalist design, build a steel spiral staircase, and then paint it black. Or, you can choose a traditional metal stair design that would look like it came out of The Great Gatsby.

You can let your imagination run wild in designing your spiral stairs. They are a good choice for either your home or office. They maximise space, are safe, affordable, and even stylish. What more could you want from a staircase?

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