Working Moms: How They Came to Be Modern Superheroes

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Throughout the years, our world has been a constant witness to the countless changes that occur in society. Among the few are passing and going of humans and animals alike, improvement of infrastructures, degeneration of nature, and gradual modernization of ideologies.

In terms of ideologies, there appears to be one that exists for every aspect of living. The most notable and perhaps the most-talked-about are the ones about gender and sexuality.

These have been widely discussed for so long, and to this day, it can cause division in groups of people. Traditional gender ideologies, for one, say that there are only two genders. They also dictate the supposed roles that these two genders play in our society.

The traditional mom

For the longest time, it was believed that men are the breadwinners, earning money and championing the family while women stay at home. To put it simply, they were meant to bear children and, depending on societal standing, raise them. They were also expected to manage household affairs while being the perfect wife to their husbands.

The modern mom

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Fortunately, things are very different in modern times. While there are still some who stick to traditional ideologies, many now have the freedom to live their lives on their own terms to a certain degree.

In fact, in recent years, the term “working moms” has been created. It describes women who handle child rearing and their careers simultaneously. While women are not at all expected to have their own kids, some do. And typically, they put their careers on hold, or even work through their pregnancy, and later raise kids as they manage their families. For those who take breaks from work, they go back after some time.

This does not mean that they neglect their responsibilities as mothers. Mothers in Salt Lake City are likely to be the largest clientele of after-school care facilities. These trusted facilities offer programs that provide a space for children to further learn outside the classroom setting or lounge or play around while they wait for their parents or guardians to fetch them.

There are also nannies offering their services to parents who have kids that are not old enough to go to school yet. Some do it part-time, others full-time. Moreover, there are now countless fathers who take it upon themselves to become stay-at-home dads so that their wives can pursue their careers, too — sometimes, even getting more high-paying jobs than their husbands. Mothers put a lot of faith in these avenues that exist to help them in raising their kids.

However, while all these services are available at hand, being a working mom is still no easy feat. The burdens of parenting can be eased through different means, but it does not erase all the stigma and discrimination that are part and parcel of the title “working mom.” Still, these mothers persevere and they continue to prove that having a family, children, and a stable career can all go hand in hand.

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