You Haven’t Let Go of Your House Until You Do These

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There are plenty of reasons to sell a house. You may be moving to a different country or you’re just looking for a house better suited to your family’s needs. It may be a house left to you by a parent and you’ve decided to sell it for cash. This also goes for houses divorced couples want to divide equally.

There’s nothing wrong with selling a property you won’t use, especially if it can benefit someone else looking for a house. Before you hand over the keys, let go properly by doing the following:

Conduct House Inspections

Your responsibility for your house doesn’t end as soon as you decided to sell. You will be compensated for the house, which means it’s within the rights of the buyers to get a little help from you in making the place move-in ready.

Home inspections for your Orem home should cover electricity integrity checks and testing for harmful substances that may affect their quality of life. You may not see any problems, but don’t be too hasty to hand over the keys without doing your part. A thorough inspection wouldn’t last that long if you contact a company specializing in them and in doing so, you’re telling buyers that there’s nothing to worry about in the house. You don’t want your history with your previous residence to end on a bad note, do you?

Thank the House for the Memories

Couple looking at their old house

You may have grown up in that house and it’s hard to step inside without remembering all the memories that happened within its walls. Give yourself one last time to take a trip down memory lane before you let other people make their memories inside.

As a child, you didn’t appreciate the fact that you always had a place to call home where your family was waiting at the end of each day to listen to your adventures. Now that you’re an adult, you wish you’ve been more thankful for those carefree moments. Don’t let them just disappear in your memories without thanking the house for giving you those fond recollections.

Open All Storage You Haven’t Checked in a While

No matter how many years you spent in your house, there may be parts of it you haven’t really explored yet. Whether it’s a loose cupboard or an inaccessible crawl space, your parents may have stashed away forgotten items in there. You may not see anything valuable, but they may hold significant memories.

Look out for old photographs, misplaced letters, and even forgotten tools. Perhaps you’ve even hidden something in the backyard, away from the curious hands of your siblings, but you’ve forgotten about it for years. Now is the time to retrace your steps around the house and make sure you’re not leaving any loose ends behind. It will also bring you closure, and you’ll feel physically lighter as you leave the property for the last time.

You haven’t cut ties with the house until you’ve closed all the windows to it. Before you hand over the keys, let yourself reminisce and take fond memories with you.

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