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Heart disease can be silent and deadly. Often, there are no tell-tale signs, unlike other diseases such as cancer. You might have subtle or hard to notice symptoms that can easily be ascribed to other illnesses. This is why it is very important to be prepared and knowledgeable about the signs of heart disease. Heart disease can manifest as a cardiac arrest or blockage, which can be dangerous for your health. Always make sure you know what to do when there are signs of a cardiac problem.

If you live in Beaver, PA, hospitals with cardiology specializations should be listed on your door or phone, so that you can be taken there in case you cannot call an ambulance fast enough. Here are some common reasons why people have to visit a cardiologist.

Chest pain unlike that of a heartburn

Heart attack pain is often mistaken for heartburn, especially in people who regularly experience digestive problems. They both cause pain and burning sensation in the chest, and even doctors may be confused from just hearing about the symptoms. But generally, heartburn is different from a heart attack in a few ways. If you have other symptoms such as belching or gas, you might have heartburn instead of heart issues. However, if you experience symptoms such as swelling or shortness of breath, then you should go to the emergency room immediately. Heart attacks can also come with shooting or mild pain in the arms and legs. If your pain does not subside even after you take medication for heartburn, it is also a cause for concern and requires further investigation.

If you have these signs as a woman

Signs of heart attacks or subtle heart diseases are different in men and women. While will experience pressure in the chest, women may sometimes not experience the same. Instead, their symptoms may manifest in the abdomen or lower in the chest. It is easier for women to mistake heart attack signs for other illnesses. If you feel lightheaded, dizzy, or feel pain in the lower back, along with chest pain or pressure, always make sure to visit the emergency room.

When you have other risk factors

Woman is clutching her chest

Having other diseases might increase your chance of having heart disease. If you have diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, always go to the cardiologist for regular checkups. Make sure to eat healthily and exercise to reduce your chance of getting an arterial blockage. Also be extra cautious if someone in your family has had heart disease, if you are pregnant and are experiencing pre-eclampsia, or if you have had heart problems in the past.

Always remember, when in doubt, it’s best to go to the hospital, rather than take a chance. Heart disease can be hugely damaging to your health, but at the same time, you can take steps to reduce your chances of getting it. If you find out that you do have a heart problem, do not lose hope or panic, as advanced treatment is available for most heart diseases.

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