Your Quick Guide to Giving Your Garage a Makeover

two men renovating garage

When you renovate or dress up your home, you are too focused on the most important parts, such as the living room, the bedrooms, and even the kitchen. Going outside, you are excited about landscaping your garden and making sure that the patio’s furniture pieces perfectly suit the theme you have planned. But what about the garage? Many will just ditch it, thinking that no one can see it and no one will bother going to this part of the house. Keep in mind that a hidden part can break the air and appeal of the entire home — once it is exposed. What you should do is make sure that the garage is part of the plan.

You may think that the garage is too or purely utilitarian for your plans, but making it beautiful may mean making it more functional. It can even help you save space. If you are planning a makeover, here are some of the things you ought to keep in mind:

Keep the shelves up high

Clutter is what makes many garage spaces actually ugly and disorganized, so this is the first thing you need to address. Your first instinct would be putting in tall shelves, but keep in mind that these can eat floor space, which could have been used to accommodate bicycles or other things. What you should do is opt for floating shelves. If you are planning to store some things that you do not usually use, you can have overhead shelves. You can place some hooks underneath it where you can hang some of the most usually used items, such as the broom, the wipes, and smaller power tools.

Create a portable workshop

shelf full of garage toolsWhen you realize that your clutter can be contained, you will see that there will be additional space in the garage. You can have your own workshop here. Again, the goal is to save space, so what you must do is build a portable or collapsible workshop. One way of doing it is by installing a fold-up table onto the wall.

Pick the right lights

While your garage is a purely utilitarian space, that does not mean that you will just pick utilitarian lights. There will be certain occasions when you will use the space to accommodate guests and even hold garage sales. With that, you may want to make the lighting elegant; go for ambient lights. They are warm, and they create a mood. Recessed lighting and even track lights can help add personality to the space.

Do not forget the floor

The garage’s floor may be already chipped in some places, so what you should do is replace the old material with a new one. You may go for ceramic tiles, but if you want it to look polished, you may want to use an epoxy coating. This should not be a problem, as you can always find a provider of epoxy coating services for garage in Utah.

Making your garage beautiful and functional should follow a plan. It should be even included in your renovations and home makeover plans in the first place.

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