Your Window Options and the Benefits of Each One

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Window installation in Utah is one of the most indispensable things that people can invest in for their homes. After all, windows bring a lot of warmth and sunlight in that is essential for a person’s well-being.

Surprisingly enough, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to windows that you can be spoilt for choice — or otherwise easily overwhelmed. Here are some of the most popular windows available today as well as what benefits they bring.

Double-Hung Windows

This type of window is one of those you’re likely to think about when you hear the term “window.” The name refers to two sashes arrayed vertically that can move up and down within the frame. The main benefit with this type of window is that they will never protrude outwards as they are flush to your home.

This allows you to open and close them easily without risking hitting someone — or your potted plants. The single hung variety has the top portion immobile and the bottom one opening and closing.

Bay Windows

two workers installing glass windowThese are the windows to get if you want a wide and breathtaking view of the outdoors — or if you’re okay with people looking into your living room or dining area. They’re not openable as other window types are as they are a literal wall of glass.

This is what they’re for, however, primarily to draw in light and heat and offer views. The best options use reinforced panes to guard against breakage that might seem to be the biggest concern of these types of windows.

Casement Windows

On the surface, these look like bay windows. In a certain sense, they are bay windows with a twist. That twist is that they can open to let in fresh air or let out stale air. This is a very popular window installation option in Utah as it offers the stunning views of the outdoors while still being very controllable.

The mechanism of control varies on preference. Basic models open outwards on a hinge. More advanced models roll along the casement and are operated with a crank.

Slider Windows

At its most basic, slider windows are double hung windows placed on their side. They are designed to slide open either left or right depending on how they were installed. As with double hung windows, you can have one or two being capable of motion.

These types of windows are very effective for rooms demanding more privacy like the bathroom as they can be put in relatively higher than other windows. Another added feature that many slider windows have is a reinforced frame that cuts through the pane.

Windows are a very key component of your home. Apart from beautifying your home from the outside, they also serve the essential function of drawing light and heat into your home. Choosing the “right” window for your home is dependent on both your needs and your wants.

Consider the benefits carefully to ensure that you get the best option that is specific to your home. That way you can maximize your investment.

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