Affordable Home Renovation Ideas for When You Get Kids

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Having kids really changes the dynamic of a home. You have to make something that is family-friendly and safe. Aside from that, there have to be places where the kids have some privacy. The number of rooms and bathrooms need to be considered as well. Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to just up and find a new home. Fortunately, there are low-budget options that you can do to make your home good as new for the kids.

Convert rooms

Are the number of kids starting to outnumber the bedrooms? If you can’t afford to find another home, one thing you can do is to convert existing rooms into bedrooms. You can look into attic or basement renovation. These rooms are often used as just storage areas, but they actually come with a lot of space. It can easily be the same size as a master bedroom, so it’s great for older kids. They would have more room and privacy because of its location. Meanwhile, their old rooms can be used for new babies.

The great thing about this option is that it can cost you almost nothing. All you really need to do is get rid of the times there. You may need to do some refurbishing depending on the state of the room. Apply some coating on the walls and some ventilation, and it can be almost like a small flat. Maybe try adding some wallpaper to make it appear less like an attic or basement and more like a bedroom.

Clear out the backyard

If you have younger kids, a yard is a great thing to have. They can learn and play while being under the sun. You can avoid having kids who spend all their time using gadgets. It also encourages physical activity, which has a lasting positive impact on their physical and mental health. Studies also found that 87 percent of people who played outside when they were young have an appreciation for nature.

Nowadays, yards are getting smaller and smaller, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a play area for them. For those who have lots of plants scattered about, you can arrange them so that they are on the sides. This maximizes the space and reduces clutter that they could trip on. If you’re working on a budget, then you can keep it as it is. Adding in a few toys to make a mini court is also a nice idea. A cheap basketball hoop or a small swing is enough entertainment for most kids.

Repaint the walls

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Make the walls look brand-new by adding a fresh coat of paint. There are also new kinds of paint that not only change the color but also protect the walls behind it. It is designed to double as a special coating that keeps moisture out and reduces deterioration. For outdoor walls, some paints are water-proof and prevent leaks from destroying the foundation.

When it comes to painting a baby or kids’ room, you can choose styles that really stimulate their senses. These are safe and neutral choices that are not too hard on the eyes. The most common are soft and plain pastel colors. Cool colors are commonly used because it has a calming effect on them, especially during times like a storm when they could be sacred. Cloud designs have a similar effect. Another idea is to get creative with the walls and make some floral designs or add some simple icons. This can make them more curious, and it also looks visually appealing.

Repair floors

Kids are notorious for running around even after telling them off. That’s why you want to make sure to reduce accidents by repairing floors. If you live in an old house, there is a possibility that the floors have deteriorated with time. It can be a bit uneven or have some loose boards. In other cases, nails can get loose and stick out. This can be quite dangerous for kids because they can trip and hit their heads. Make sure to avoid incidents by doing the necessary repairs.

Most types of floors can actually be repaired in parts. Construction workers can isolate the damaged area and fix just that sector. However, it can become more expensive if the structure below it is also damaged. They would have to check and make the necessary repairs. Certain types of floors like hardwood flooring cannot be done in parts as well. That’s because the consistency and style will be compromised.

Redesigning a home for the kids doesn’t have to break the bank. It can be cost-efficient as long as you are willing to put on the work. Major construction projects may require more money, but a lot of concerns can be done by DIY.

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