Enjoying Singaporean Amenities and Sites on the Cheap

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The funny thing about traveling is that people automatically feel that it is only for the rich. It’s not. Traveling is an experience everyone needs to seek. Even amid a pandemic that threatens the world over, people are still making plans to see most of the world. Seeing, experiencing, and discovering the world should not be hindered by things like money and pandemic. There’s always a way around it. And if you’re planning to see Singapore, considered to be one of the most expensive cities on the planet, you can do it within your meager budget, too.

Do Not Get Trapped by Tourist Sites

Researching on the internet about places to visit in Singapore will come up with the usual list—Sentosa, Universal Studios, and Night Safari. The truth is that there are many cheap and free places to visit in Singapore. In fact, arriving at Changi airport will be a treat already. With its butterfly garden, movie theaters, and that massive indoor waterfall, you’ll have plenty to see just by going around the airport.

Instead of spending your time and money on entrance tickets, why don’t you visit Singapore’s famous parks such as the botanic gardens, Bukit Batok Nature Park, and The Learning Forest? The money you would have otherwise spent on Universal Studios should go to buying drinks at Clarke Quay. Although there are a lot of expensive tourist sites in Singapore, there are also a lot of free and cheap sites to see.

Stay at Cheap Hotels

Because this is Singapore, even its cheapest hotels have first-class amenities. They are clean and a treat for visitors. And while many flocks to the city for accommodations, there are some great airport hotels that come cheaper than the three-star hotels you can find in the city center. Staying in a business hotel, for example, is actually more practical because it has practical amenities that are perfect for those on a budget.

Drink Tap Water

A bottle of water costs more than S$2 in Singapore. It’s simply too expensive but the country has a humid climate, which means you need plenty of fluids to get by. Luckily, you can bring a reusable bottle with you and fill it up with tap water from your hotel room. Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, tap water in Singapore is safe to drink. You will also find water stations in public areas such as parks and train platforms. There’s always an opportunity to fill your bottle. Make sure to do that before you eat in a restaurant as bottled water in restaurants is even more expensive than the ones found in convenience stores.

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Eat at Hawker Stalls

You do not need to eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Hawker stalls are the bloodline of locals in Singapore. They also serve some of the best Malay and Indo dishes you’ll ever get to taste in your life. Sure, you can treat yourself to a nice restaurant for dinner, but the hawker stalls are fine, too. The pubs in Clarke Quay, although more expensive, are more affordable than the restaurants you find along Orchard Road, too.

Be Wise When Shopping

You can skip shopping in Singapore as this is usually an expensive activity that can drain your resources. But if you do have to shop, do it in cheap hole-in-the-wall shops around Chinatown and Little India. You do not only get to shop cheaply, but you can also marvel at the great architecture of these places. The best thing about shopping in these tiny stores is that you can haggle and negotiate with the vendors. So, if you have plans to shop in Singapore, practice your haggling skills as early as today.

Follow the Law

People always joke about Singapore being a “fine city.” Practically everyone knows this has two meanings. First, it is a fine city, one that makes you go wow when you visit it. Second, you will get fined here if you don’t follow the law, which ranges from not chewing gum to smoking only in designated areas to not using marked crosswalks. This system of fines makes Singapore a land of disciplined people. You will rarely see Singaporeans throwing trash outside their car windows. You won’t see them spitting in the streets, too.

Are your eyes set on Singapore? It’s a sight to behold. Whether you are visiting for a quick getaway or you have more time in your schedule, you’ll never get enough of the Lion City. And what more, with proper research, it can be the cheapest city you can visit.

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