The First Steps to Rebuilding After a House Fire

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In a span of a five-year period, the National Fire Protection Association saw a disturbing 354,000 home fires every year, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage, not to mention the unfortunate loss of life and the emotional anguish of losing your possessions.

But if you’re one of the lucky ones that go through a tragedy like this and your house is still standing, hope is not lost: rebuilding what you lost can be a possibility. While it might take some time, a house damaged by fire can be rebuilt, and life can go back to normal. Here are some steps you should take when rebuilding after a house fire:

Coordinate with a Restoration Company

After a house fire, a reputable restoration company is going to be your best friend in the rebuilding process. Restoration companies will assess the amount of damage your home has undergone and help coordinate with your insurance agency to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Depending on the restoration company, they’ll help with event documentation and assess damages for your insurance claims. Just make sure you read the agreements clearly; after all, fire restoration companies might have different terms to companies in, say, Brooklyn or Kings County.

A restoration company should be able to assess and repair as much fire and water damage as possible, and ideally, your insurance company will cover most (if not all) of the costs associated with restoration,

Salvage What You Can

If a house isn’t completely gutted by a fire, there might be a lot more to salvage than you think. Yes, there’s going to be plenty of fire damage and water damage (from the firefighting process), but it might not have destroyed everything: certain rooms and areas of your house might have been safe from the fire and/or the fire fighting process. Try to keep these areas as safe and pristine as possible so that the restoration process is smooth and costs less.

Again, work with your fire restoration company to assess which parts of the house (along with your possessions) can be salvaged and re-used for rebuilding. This will also help you and your restoration partners to assess what needs to be rebuilt, what future safety measures can be implemented, and how much all of it is going to cost.

Find a Place to Stay During the Restoration Process

While it might be tempting to jump-start the restoration process as soon as possible, give your restoration company and your insurance company some time to assess and rebuild everything. It might also be beneficial for you and your family’s mental and emotional well-being to stay somewhere else during the entire restoration process.

house for restoration

For many homeowners, their insurance companies will not only cover the cost of restoration, but they’ll also pay for the temporary lodging of the policyholders during the restoration and rebuilding process. This will help you and your family return to a sense of normalcy while your home is being rebuilt and can save you the mental anguish of seeing your home in a damaged state.

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