Basic Things you Need to Know about Dog Training 

dog training

Dogs are some of the most intelligent pets you can have. They also love to socialize with humans. In fact, they sometimes need more attention from their furrents rather than food. These are just some few reasons they are considered as the best family pet.

Teaching a few tricks is a good way to bond with them. For first-time dog owners, however, this can be quite challenging. While you can look for dog obedience training in Loxahatchee, you can still give it a try. Feel free to follow the guidelines below when training your pet dog:

Getting Started with Dog Training

The first thing you need to understand is everything takes time, so be patient when training your dog. Start with selecting a training program. Do some research on how to set a basic foundation for you and your pet. For example, you can set a timeline for each command or trick you want to teach. Do it one step at a time so I won’t be overwhelming for both of you.

The next step is to imply positive reinforcement, so be ready to offer some treats. As much as possible choose organic treats for them. It is also advisable to have your dog tested for allergies before giving treats.

Another way to help you out is to use the right training leash with an adjustable collar instead of a harness. This will make it easier for name recalls. Experts also suggest having a high-quality training leash at 15 feet long at least. However, you should use a shorter leash for training more advanced commands such as stacking and aggression control. A shorter leash is also ideal to improve the dog’s agility.

Using Clicker for Positive Reinforcement

In most dog schools, they highly recommend using clicker for positive reinforcement. This makes the training sessions more efficient whether basic commands or advanced tricks. The purpose of the clicker is to make your dog respond to you whenever they make the right command. You can also give treats after a few clicks to make it more effective. However, you shouldn’t use clickers to get dog’s attention as this may confuse them.

Teaching Basic Commands and Fun Tricks

girl shaking hands with her dog

Starting with basic commands is the best way to give your dog the right structure. This should also help overcome common dog behavior concerns such as being too playful or stubborn. Some essential commands you should teach your dog are sit, come, down, stay, leave it, and fetch. Again, don’t be too hasty with training. Stick to the program and be patient.

Choosing a Dog Training School

When choosing a dog training school, make sure to check their specializations. Keep in mind that there are different types of dog training. This includes basic and advanced commands, correcting dog behavior, and training sessions for dog shows. Make sure to choose the ideal program for your dog. Read reviews and ask recommendations from your fellow dog lovers.

These are just some of the few things you need to know when training your dog. Again, everything takes time. Just enjoy each session, and you’ll be surprised by their progress.

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