The Benefits Of Taking Time Off Work To Go On Vacations

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Working five days a week and stressing about your work during the weekends can take its toll on your physical and mental health. Fortunately, someone came up with the idea of giving employees some benefits like health insurance, paid time off work, and many more.

Now, you don’t have to worry about being too stressed from work as you can get some medical attention once it gets too much. You can also take a vacation leave before it gets mentally and physically exhausting. Besides these benefits of going on vacations, there are many other good things about it you should know about.

Why Going On Vacations Is Good For You

It’s no secret that going on vacations is fun and helps you give yourself the break and relaxation you need. But there are some relatively unknown benefits of taking a short or extended trip that would make you want to book your next trip soon. Here are some of them:

  1. Going on vacations helps you perform better at work.

No matter how much you love your job, you will eventually feel tired, stressed, and burned out by doing it with barely any time to do some self-care and “me time” that everyone needs. So, if you love what you’re doing, you will go on a vacation to do something you can’t do on the mere two days off work you typically have.

If your bosses don’t allow you to go on time off work, well, you can tell them that research has proven that consistently going on vacations helps increase productivity and creativity at work. If they wonder why then let them know that these trips will give your brain some happy hormones called dopamine that make you feel happier.

You will feel more satisfied with your work and life in general that quitting would be out of your mind. Before you know it, you might even be getting a raise you deserve – or better yet: a promotion. No boss in their right minds would say no to that unless you’ve already used up all your leave credits, of course.

  1. Going on vacations can help you avoid getting sick.

Unwinding and de-stressing yourself after work by doing something you love, like some hobbies or recreational activities, is vital to keeping your working energy at proper levels, so imagine what a weekend trip or an extended vacation can do for you. It will give you the exercise and proper sleep routine you need, which are vital if you want to live a long life free from any serious illnesses with a lower risk of heart diseases. It also helps to lessen your stress and anxiety, which could manifest in your body if they are not given any attention.

So, you’re not just living your life when you go on vacations to travel or take a short break at home, as you are also extending it and giving yourself a longer life free from any diseases. You would have a better immune system to protect you from getting sick, lessening your need to use your sick leaves. It looks like you can use that as another reason if your boss asks why you always go on vacations.

  1. Going on vacations increases mindfulness.

Waking up to your alarm clock, getting ready and commuting for work, eating lunch, working, commuting to go home, sleeping, and waking up the next day to do it all again sounds like what most jobs have boxed people in as their normal routines. Doing these activities in that exact order all the time could make anyone feel like they’re running on autopilot, which is why taking a break to recharge is necessary.

Going on vacations would also help you take a step back and gain more perspective on the person you have become at work and evaluate things without any distractions. Doing this would help you feel more passionate, resilient, and happier, thus allowing you to have a better mood when you go back to work. When your boss sees the positive effects of your vacations on your work, you wouldn’t probably need to give any reasons the next time you file for a leave.

Vacations Are Necessary

person on vacation

Being a workaholic is okay, but you shouldn’t let being one hinder you from making decisions that benefit your physical and mental health. You should prioritize yourself and put your well-being above all else. So, plan your next vacation as soon as you can.


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