Dos and Don’ts for Oral Implants

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Have you heard of oral implants? Are you curious about how people who have had oral implants keep them healthy?

Relatively new to dentistry, oral implants are allowing more people to restore missing teeth permanently, by having these nifty titanium implants placed into their jaws. This then allows dentists to attach false teeth, giving a more natural look and feel.

But how do you keep them healthy? Here are some key dos and don’ts for when you have oral implants.

When you have oral implants do…

Attend dental check-ups

It is vital for the survival of your dental implants Clapham that you attend check-ups with your dentist every 6 months.

While your implants may not be able to rot, they are still susceptible to gum disease, which can cause them to be lost prematurely. So, stay in regular contact with your dentist.


OK, so not everyone likes to floss. But if you haven’t mastered flossing, you can still substitute it for interdental brushing.

This will allow you to stay on top of plaque accumulation and will help keep gum disease at bay.

Brush daily

As before, many people assume that if you have oral implants, you don’t have to worry about brushing your teeth every day.

However, daily brushing will help keep your oral health in good condition, which in turn, will lead to a lower level of plaque which will prolong the longevity of your implants. So, get brushing!

Cut back on sugar

Many patients think that if you have tooth implants, sugar cannot do damage to them.

But if you regularly consume sugar without practising oral hygiene, then the plaque can lead to inflammation, which can then cause gum disease and the loss of your implants.

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When you have oral implants don’t…


Smoking is something that almost every dentist will advise against, as it causes the gums to recede and can lead to tooth loss and oral cancer. When you have implants fitted, that risk does not go away. So to keep your implants where they need to be, talk to your dentist about smoking cessation.

Drink excessively

It can be tempting when you have a new smile to want to hit the town and show it off, which is great!

But take care not to drink too much, as this can cause the gums to recede and may lead to gum disease, which can cause your implants to be lost. If you have problems with alcohol consumption, seek medical advice.

Ignore signs of an issue

Many people like to avoid issues, but when it comes to oral implants, this can lead to them becoming lost.

So, if you notice that your implant is loose, feels wobbly, is infected or if the implant site is red and sore a while after the surgery, then you need to contact your dentist for a check-up urgently

Use abrasives

This may sound odd, as almost every toothpaste advert around talks about using an abrasive material to clean teeth, but they are rarely good for implants.

Why? Because the porcelain or composite that your implanted teeth are made from cannot regenerate in the same way as enamel, and this overexposure to abrasives can cause the prosthetic teeth to crack and break.

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