What a Modernized Living Room Looks Like

modern living room

You want a free, comfortable, and cozy home while looking for aesthetics that match your style as well. Modern interior doesn’t stop looking into a relaxing and informal environment wherein you can be yourself whenever. One thing is a casual style, in which you prioritize freedom and convenience.

In the sense of interior design, modern casual style is making your living space look careless and doesn’t have to abide by every rule in the book. Although not too much. It’s simple and elegant, but also bright and spontaneous at the same time. The ability to combine the mellow and the spontaneous without being too overwhelming and too dull is one way toward catching up to the modern interior.

White Walls

When you first hear this, it can sound too plain. But this is when you want to let spontaneity in and add creative outputs to go with the white walls. White walls allow you to either keep things simple or add sophistication to the look since white goes with everything. They make other pretty things in the room stand out, whether it’s just a vase or a cushion.

You can put up colorful art, shelves, or hanging plants by the corners. You can buy printed or bright-colored couch covers and match them with plain and neutral-colored throws. It can also be the other way around.

Creating a Neutral or Calm Color Palette

This blends very well with the white walls. Neutral colors create an illusion that the space is more spacious than it actually is. It can make a small room look less cluttered and an already big room look bigger. Neutral colors give a free feeling and are easy on the eyes.

With this, you can match them with little pops of bright colors and textures through cushions, throws, curtains, and rugs to make the room less dull and tired. For one, you can make one item in the living room to stand out, like a blue sofa or an exotic coffee table.

Couch Sets are Overrated 

A modern living room doesn’t have to follow every rule in the book or whatever society says you should do with it. Sofa sets just limit your creativity and expression of the beauty your living room has the potential to bring out.

Although, if you already have a sofa set, this doesn’t mean that you get rid of them. For example, you have a three or four-seater and two one-seater. You can just cover them up with new sofa covers in whatever color or design that goes together.

Blending Different Materials Together

Another way to modernize your living room is not sticking to a single material. Blending different textures and finishes creates a layered look that makes the room more alive and airy. Use a mixture of various materials. Bring out different fabrics for your furniture, like leather, velvet, and linen. Perhaps add a fur-like throw on your couch to make it look softer and cozier.

For the tables, you can mix wood and stone. You can have a wooden center table and stone side ones. Maybe add a metallic feature to join the mixture. The point is keeping your furniture matchy-matchy is already outdated, so it’s time to be more creative and free.

Letting Natural Light In

This is a classic essential feature that will never get old. Slide your pretty curtains to the sides and welcome the sun. Natural light and fresh air make a room look bright and breathable. Bring in the outdoors or bring out the indoors with mirrors, glass windows, sliding doors, or French doors. You can also buy the right blinds for you so you can adjust the intensity of light.

More Warmth and Comfort

Aside from natural light, warmth and comfort are essential to modern living. You can add more texture through throw pillows and blankets. Decorative lighting gives a cozy and inviting look to the room, tempting you to lie down and relax. Upgrading your fireplace will get more relaxed, carefree, and cured of cold blue nights. Gas-fueled fireplaces are safer and easier to control than the older ones and can modernize your cozy living room.

Your living room isn’t just always for watching TV anymore. With technology changing the world, the living room can be used for online shopping and entertaining guests if you have them over often. Of course, comfort is your priority. Keeping the place free from clutter lets you use the space whatever you need it for.

When you go out and buy things to fill the gaps in your living room, it’s easy to get too much until the place looks cluttered and chaotic. Therefore, it’s always best to have a plan and get only those you really love. You don’t have to be in a rush to complete the interior in your living room.

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