Budget-Friendly Ways to Heat Your Home This Winter

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It’s true. Humans are warm-blooded. There’s no doubt about that. Unlike sharks and crocodiles, we have a better way of adapting to the surrounding weather. We can regulate our body temperatures independent of our surroundings. Cold-blooded animals, however, are dependent on their environment’s temperature. That’s why we don’t get any ideas. Even if we’re warm-blooded, the cold, cold winter can still affect us negatively.

And that’s the sad reality. To note, every year, over 1,000 Americans succumb to the cold. They die of too much cold exposure. In essence, that’s actually freezing to the last breath. The worse part is cold-related deaths are largely under-reported.

Thankfully, the majority of us will survive the winter. That’s true, not unless a wayward comet falls out of the sky and wipe humanity to extinction. Still, we should be able to minimize the effects of the sweater weather. Employing tried-and-tested methods that do not put a huge hole in your wallet should bid you well. And that means the whole family right from the onset.

Start with the Right Attitude

It’s easy to feel emboldened when it comes to the attacks of winter. You might say that you’ve survived the last winter. And so this one should be a piece of cake.

But you can’t actually gamble your family’s health during the cold months. Know that what the cold does is to lower your body’s resistance to sickness. You might not want to hear it, but it’s true. When the mercury drops low, your body’s ability to fight infections and dangerous microorganisms also drops.

The winter also makes you much more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus than ever before. Experts agree winter will only make the current pandemic worse. They are pointing at the sweater weather as a major factor in the transmission of the virus will also accelerate—small wonder why the seasonal flu is most active during the cold months.

What’s even sadder is that those already suffering from debilitating diseases are more vulnerable during the winter. We’re talking about those with kidney, lung, or heart disease: all the more, people who are beyond 65 years old.

Fortifying Your Home on a Budget

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Now, there may be no better time to lock in on the comforts of home than during the winter. Why? Simply put, winter plays a huge role in keeping you warm.

If we’re to take a closer look at those people who “froze to death” during the winter, the majority of them were outdoors. Many of them were homeless.

Coming up with a well-heated home without much help from the heater is certainly a tall order. But the good news is it’s possible.

The idea here is to plug the holes in your precious abode so the energy won’t escape. Think of a balloon. A small hole is enough to deflate it.

To start, plug all the holes in your windows and doors. To check where there are drafts, you can use a candle. Hold it close to an area; if the light flickers, you have a hole to plug. Alternatively, you can also use a flashlight. It’s easy, actually. When night falls, have someone stand directly opposite you on the other side of the light source. If the light passes through, then you have an area to caulk.

Secondly, you need to reverse your electric ceiling fan’s direction. Why? It’s simple. When you reverse the motor, it turns clockwise. By doing so, the fan actually pushes the rising warm air back where you need it: down. In the process, the fan creates an updraft.

To get you all warmed up while sleeping, invest in blankets with a fill power reaching up to 600-plus. Putting an electric blanket is wise too.

Now the blankets can only do so much. Without heat to trap, they might not give you ample heat to last the night. You may have to touch the thermostat.

Know, however, that you need to distribute whatever heat you generate via your heater throughout the house. It’s for this reason that getting professional duct cleaners may be wise. Not only will they efficiently remove toxins trapped in your air ducts, but they’ll also do it much more effectively. In short, you’d save more with trained hands.

Keeping the Warmth In

Additionally, you can employ thicker curtains to trap all the warmth inside. However, you should keep them open when the sun is up. This way, heat can come into your abode and stay there for longer.

Come to think of it, there will be a lot of DIY to do to fortify your home. A good project is a draft stopper to plug holes by the door. And then, there are holes in the roof to contend with.

Whether it’s you or a trained professional, making sure you get them plugged is the way to go. Know that by doing so, your precious abode is getting warmer, and everyone in your family is healthier.

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