Cleaning with the Kids: Why Chores Should Be Fun

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Quarantine is tough, and what’s worse, being stuck at home has drained our daily lives of so much fun and excitement, to the point where everything has become so monotonous. A day in the household usually goes as usual: wake up, eat, lounge, sleep, and repeat that cycle repeatedly until the next day arrives. The bottom line; it’s boring and pushing everyone in the family to borderline insanity!

Any online counseling session will tell families the importance of having fun. As a result, more households are getting creative with their stuck-at-home activities to keep everyone’s moods up. However, much of what you find online tend to come at a pretty penny, and not many families can drop a considerable sum in the blink of an eye for the sole purpose of fun expenses. So, our suggestion, why not do fun cleaning with the family?

Why, Of All Things, Cleaning?

Now, before you sign off this blog post and let irrational thinking bias take over that cleaning will never be fun, hear us out. Cleaning is one of the best things that need to be fun because of its importance. And, no matter how boring it may seem to you, none of us can deny that regular cleaning and housekeeping is just a part of life, and there’s no escaping it.

  • It’s Productive: Number one, cleaning, in general, is just a lot more productive than lounging around and doing nothing all day. It gives you and the family that feeling of satisfaction to walk around the house knowing that it’s all tidied up. Plus, nothing beats that blissful surrender of jumping onto your bed from a hard day’s work.
  • Keeps Things Organized: Number two, organization is vital when everyone’s stuck at home. Let’s be honest; many of us are guilty of losing things around the house when we’ve done nothing else all day. Cleaning ensures that everything stays organized, and you don’t accidentally misplace your phone inside the fridge or have the shampoo roll under your bed, never to be seen again.
  • Kills Germs: Last but not least, at the core of cleaning is killing germs and preventing disease. Regular housekeeping ensures that the home is free of impurities, and everyone is safe from any common illness hiding around the corner. Especially if someone in the family has allergies, cleaning takes the utmost priority.

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So, Here’s What You Need To Do

Luckily enough, it doesn’t take a lot to make cleaning with the family fun, and all you really need is everyone’s participation (which can be a bit troublesome if you have very rowdy children). So, get out your cleaning tools and have the family avengers assemble because it’s time for a cleaning showdown!

#1 Jam To Some Music

Nothing beats jamming to some tunes, and if you want to make cleaning a lot more fun, it’s also a great way to get everyone dancing and moving while cleaning up. All you need is a playlist of upbeat songs that everyone likes, and you got yourself a one-way ticket to a thrilling housekeeping session.

Plus, dancing is also a great workout, and to mix that in with cleaning, which already makes your break a sweat, means that you’ll be getting some much need exercise with the family. So, you’re essentially knocking out two birds with one stone, the keeping clean part, and also staying fit.

#2 Make It A Game

Everyone enjoys a bit of competition, and one way to get your kids into loving their chores is by turning it into a game. See who can clean their room the fastest or maybe have someone be the judge for the day to see which room is the cleanest. Rank everyone and keep a leaderboard, so everyone has a goal to strive for every week!

Plus, don’t forget to sprinkle in some prizes and awards to keep everyone motivated throughout the housekeeping session and those to come. And, who knows, you might be enjoying it even more than your kids do.

#3 Vlog The Experience

Vlogging is everything these days, and narrating your chores to an audience might be the solution to turning them into a fun experience. Bust out the camera, have everyone join in on your cleaning vlog, and tour each room to find out how much progress everyone is making. Take the vlog to the next level and maybe even sprinkle some cleaning tips and tricks with lemons and vinegar.

With everything tidied up, you could even go beyond cleaning and try out some fun and easy recipes with your kids and get busy in the kitchen. The sky’s the limit, and cleaning enables you to do a lot more at home.

Having Fun Doesn’t Need To Be Expensive

Overall, there’s a lot of ways to have fun at home while being productive too. And, they don’t necessarily have to be expensive, so feel free to try our advice and see how your family likes it!

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